For Haymazing Pets Echinacea Review.

Today we are reviewing For Haymazing Pets Echinacea.

For Haymazing Pets Echinacea
For Haymazing Pets Echinacea

What is For Haymazing Pets Echinacea?:

  • 100% organic dried echinacea.

“Dried Echinacea herb is a healthy addition in diet of rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. It stimulates metabolism and immunity.”

For Haymazing Pets 


What can I do with For Haymazing Pets Echinacea?

  • Feed it neat to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Feed it mixed into hay (although this will almost certainly break the echinacea).
  • Hide it around your Guinea Pigs’ cage.
  • Handfeed.

Where can I buy For Haymazing Pets Echinacea?:


  • 30g £1.49
  • 50g £1.99


  • Like sunroot, For Haymazing Pets Echinacea falls into the category of “things I’ve never fed to a Guinea Pig before”.
  • The Echinacea was an instant hit with the Squidgypigs.
  • Due to the natural structure of Echinacea; it’s particularly good to handfeed to nervous Guinea Pigs. Simply hold the stalk and offer the leaf to the piggy.
  • They’re sure to enjoy the tasty treat and will associate you with positive experiences.
  • You could; of course alternately feed to your Guinea Pigs in a small bowl or mix into hay for foraging fun.
  • No matter how you do feed For Haymazing Pets Echinacea you can be sure your piggies will love it.

Please note For Haymazing Pets sent us this echinacea in return for an honest review. If you would like to know more about For Haymazing Pets please visit their site at


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