Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion Review

Today we are reviewing Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion.

Nature's Own Dried Dandelion
Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion

What is Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion?:

  • 100% Dried Dandelion.

“Dried dandelion leaves, nothing more, nothing less. No more having to hunt around your garden for your animal’s fix! ”

-Nature’s Own 


What can I do with Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion?:

  • Feed it neat to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Feed it mixed into hay.
  • Hide it around your Guinea Pigs’ cage.
  • Hand feed it to your Guinea Pigs.


Where can I buy Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion?:


  • £5.19 for 200g
  • £10.99 for 1kg


  • At Squidgypigs we are fortunate enough to have a big garden to hunt for Dandelions ; but despite Squidgygirl’s best attempts to scatter every fluffy seed head she can get her hands on, we still cannot find enough Dandelions to quench the Squidgypigs’ Dandelion desires.
  • This means that Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion is the absolute perfect treat for the Squidgypigs and for every other Guinea Pig too.
  • I’ve simply just never met a Guinea Pig who didn’t love Dandelions and these dried ones are no exception. 
  • Foraging fun for everypig.
    Foraging fun for everypig.
  • Great for foraging fun mixed in hay; Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion would not only encourage Guinea Pigs to dive into a big pile of hay to hunt for the delicious dandelions but also encourage reluctant hay feeders to munch on hay.
  • This action not only wears down their ever growing open rooted teeth but also helps digestive health.
  • Slincypig enjoying his Dandelion leaf.
    Slincypig enjoying his Dandelion leaf.

  • Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion is great on its own in a bowl or even better eaten out of your hand to gain a nervous pig’s trust or strengthen bonds with an already loving pet. 
  • Essentially it will not matter how you feed Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion, your Guinea Pigs will thank you for it regardless. They are simply a favourite. 


  • Your Guinea Pigs WILL LOVE Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion.
  • If you buy one Nature’s Own treat product it should probably be this Dried Dandelion
  • …and the Green Cookies…and a Herby Mix… the Peppermint too…

Please note: Nature’s Own sent us this bag of Dandelion to review. To find out more about Nature’s Own please visit their site at:


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