For Haymazing Pets Nettle Review

Today we are reviewing For Haymazing Pets Nettle.

For Haymazing Pets Nettle
For Haymazing Pets Nettle

What is For Haymazing Pets Nettle?:

  • 100% organic dried Stinging Nettle.

“Nettle leaf is a great, tasty addition to your pet’s diet. It stimulates blood circulation and lowers the levels of sugar in blood. It helps to support the urinary system, the immune system as well as the digestive system. Good for increasing the absorption of nutrients.”

-For Haymazing Pets 

What can you do with For Haymazing Pets Nettle ?:

  • Feed it neat to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Feed it mixed into hay.
  • Hide it around your Guinea Pigs’ cage.
  • Hand feed it to your Guinea Pigs.

Where can I buy For Haymazing Pets Nettle ?:


  • 30g – £1.39
  • 50g – £1.89
Tabby nibbling nettles.
Tabby nibbling nettles.


  • Stinging nettles may not sound like the perfect snack for anybody let alone soft mouthed Guinea Pigs; but once dried Nettles lose their sting and become a safe, yummy treat.
  • Blondie: Nettle nommer.
    Blondie: Nettle nommer.
  • Nettle is higher in iron than spinach and is a good source of vitamin C (which Guinea Pigs cannot manufacture themselves).
  • Nettle is also quite high in calcium, which helps maintain healthy bones; so is a great treat option for young and old Guinea Pigs alike. 
  • Regardless of age; ALL the Squidgypigs appeared to like For Haymazing Pets Nettle.
  • It can get messy.
    It can get messy.

  • Due to the nature of nettle leaves; For Haymazing Pets Nettle is quite brittle when handled or disturbed so, if you have piggies with a history of eye problems and you wish to avoid getting dust and debris in theit eyes it may be best to feed in a hayrack rather than a big pile of hay. 

For Haymazing Pets Nettle Review
For Haymazing Pets Nettle Review


  • Delicious and nutritious and available at a really good price; there has never been a better time to try Nettle.

Please note: For Haymazing Pets sent us this bag of Nettle to review. To find out more about For Haymazing Pets please visit their site at:


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