Flat Bonnie Flat Cavy Guinea Pig Plush Review 

Today we are reviewing Flat Bonnie Flat Cavy Guinea Pig Plushies.

Flat Cavy
Flat Cavy

What is a Flat Bonnie Flat Cavy?

  • A ‘Flat’ Guinea Pig soft toy.
  • Handmade in USA.
  • 3 customisation options: Solid colours, Dutch markings and full customisation.
  • Each Flat Cavy comes with an adoption certificate.
  • A portion of all sales from Flat Bonnie go to small animal shelters.

“Flat Bonnie was created to help bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers. 

Most people do not know that there are bunnies ready for adoption at these places. ”

-Flat Bonnie

Oh hello!
Oh hello!

What can I do with a Flat Bonnie Flat Cavy?

  • Love it.
  • Cuddle it.
  • Take it travelling.
  • Take photos of it.
  • Confuse a real Guinea Pig.

“Hello, I’m Flat Bonnie!
I’m ready to go to my forever home.
I want to go everywhere with you,
and love to get my picture taken.”

-Flat Bonnie

Where can I buy a Flat Bonnie Flat Cavy?

Flat Bonnie piggy options.
Flat Bonnie piggy options.


  • Solid colours: $20 / £15.25
  • Dutch: $30 / £22.88
  • Custom: from $50 / £38.28
Flat Bonnie review.
Flat Bonnie review.


  • Flat Bonnie Flat Cavies are cute, cuddly and full of character. So pretty much like a real Guinea Pig but without the food bill.
  • I really like the fact that even with the basic ‘solid colour’ plush option you can pick from a choice of 6 fur colours (white, black, caramel, brown, light grey and charcoal) and 2 eye colours (red and dark). 
  • Flat Slincypig is a solid colour caramel option with dark eyes.
  • He is soft, cuddly and looking at him makes me smile. 
  • “Am I still your favourite?”
  • At 9 inches high (23cm) Flat Cavy is great for cuddling by big or little people. But you probably should keep them away from very little people who cannot be trusted to not try to eat them. Again like real Guinea Pigs…
  • Keep away from ear chewers!
    Keep away from ear chewers!
  • Flat Cavy is the perfect size to go travelling in your bag and makes a great travel companion.
  • Don't let your Guinea Pig climb trees!
    Don’t let your Guinea Pig climb trees!
  • Or just a buddy for mischief closer to home.
  • Flat Bonnie Adoption Certificate
    Flat Bonnie Adoption Certificate
  • Every plush from Flat Bonnie comes with an adoption certificate which I thought was rather cute. 
  • Flat Cavy is well made and would make a lovely gift for any Guinea Pig lover or a treat for yourself.
  • Flat Bonnie, handmade in USA.
    Flat Bonnie, handmade in USA.
  • Flat Bonnie plushies would also make a wonderful tribute to a much loved Guinea Pig that has ‘crossed the rainbow bridge’.
  • You can even buy wings for your plushy to honour your angel.
  • Image from Flat Bonnie
    Image from Flat Bonnie
  • I think this is a lovely idea that could provide a lot of comfort for a grieving pet lover.
  • One tiny negative however is; if you live in the UK, the postage on all plushies is sadly a little high. At around £11 it may just see your PayPal weep a little. That’s nearly the price of another Flat Cavy. This isn’t actually Flat Bonnie’s fault of course, merely geography and the postal service.
  • If Guinea Pigs aren’t your thing (WHAT!?) there are plenty of other flat creatures and even hay bales and… poop…more on that soon…

Flat is the new black...
Flat is the new black…


  • These are truly wonderful, characterful plushies that I’m sure any Guinea Pig lover would adore.
  • If I ever win the lottery it’s safe to say Flat Bonnie’s wallet will be benefiting from the other 16 Squidgypigs needing replicas.
  • I would REALLY like a Flat Blondie and Doughnut….and Princess Bagel-Baby…and Football…and…
  • Not so flat Blondie.
    Not so flat Blondie.

Update: In November 2017 we welcomed Flat Princess Bagel-Baby. She’s awesome , thank you Flat Bonnie

Beautiful blue eyes!
Beautiful blue eyes!

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