Innabox Guinea Pig Earrings Review

Today we are reviewing Innabox Guinea Pig Earrings.

Image from Innabox

What are Innabox Guinea Pig Earrings?:

  • Guinea Pig stud earrings .
  • 1cm by 1cm.
  • Made from white vinyl.
  • Stainless steel posts (nickel and lead free).
  • Plastic slip-on backs.
  • Packaged ‘in a box’ (no really!).

Who are Innabox?:


  • Innabox sell a variety of always cute and sometimes unusual items including mugs, pins, cards, badges and even hair bands.
  • Innabox was founded in 2014 by designer, maker and lover of all things cute and quirky Nikki:

“I love to create. Usually with a cup of tea to hand! I have been drawing from a young age and moved into illustration in my twenties.

I found a passion for designing logos, portraits and business cards at first until I combined my love for animals with my work. It was then that Innabox was born!

-Nikki, Innabox.

Where can I buy Innabox Guinea Pig Earrings?

Innabox Guinea Pig earring review

Review :

  • Innabox Guinea Pig Earrings are cute without being overly stylised.
  • I found that at 1cm by 1cm these earrings are the perfect size for stud earrings.
  • You can easily see that they are Guinea Pigs from a few paces away; without being large enough to tangle your hair under the front design every time the wind blows, or being easy targets for grabby baby hands!


  • Unsurprisingly from a company called ‘Innabox’; the packaging was really cute and fun, yet practical. It survived being squished into the postbox at the bottom of our drive.

Innabox review

  • Innabox earrings are £6 a pair or you can choose from a number of deals (e.g. 2 earring pairs for £10). I feel this is very reasonable.



  • Innabox is full of quirky designs that animal lovers of all ages would love.
  • I love these earrings (and the pink alpacas that accompanied them home) and I hope that Innabox make new Guinea Pig items soon!

UPDATE: 1/5/2018: A wild guinea pin has appeared.

Innabox Guinea Pig Badge


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