Have you heard about Popcorning Piggy? A Fun New Guinea Pig Stationary Brand

Have you heard about Popcorning Piggy ?

Popcorning Piggy Review

Today we are taking a look at this fun NEW Guinea Pig stationary brand and reviewing their cards and stickers.

Who are Popcorning Piggy?

  • Popcorning Piggy was founded in 2018 by marketing professional Samantha Young.
  • Tired of current options Popcorning Piggy aims to bring joy to Guinea Pig fans everywhere by providing fresh new Guinea Pig stationary.
    • “We thrive to create happiness for you or your piggy when using or sharing our products with others. As guinea pig owners or lovers, we are often gifted the ‘common’ guinea pig cards or products on special occasions – who else has had the same card three birthdays in a row?!

      At Popcorning Piggy, we promise to bring new exciting guinea pig designs to a variety of products that you can enjoy. ”

      -Samantha at Popcorning Piggy

      Popcorning Piggy Review by Squidgypigs

      What products do Popcorning Piggy sell?:

      • Guinea Pig Cards, including: Birthday, get well soon, good luck, congratulations etc.
      • Guinea Pig stickers, including: birthday Piggies, breed specific piggies, different colours of piggies etc.
      • Pea Flakes: who doesn’t love Pea Flakes?!

      Popcorning Piggy reviewed by Squidgypigs

      Where can I buy Popcorning Piggy items?:

      Popcorning Piggy Review


      • Popcorning Piggy stickers feature a variety of their Guinea Pig designs in miniature.
      • They are cute, colourful and cheerful.
      • Designs are cute without being overly cutesy or stylised.
      • I can see Popcorning Piggy designs appealing to a variety of age groups.
      • Stickers are either White Glossy or White Matte Adhesive (Sticker) Paper; (this means the stickers are non-removable once placed).
      • Each sticker sheet is 11cm x 16cm and the individual stickers are approx 1.5-2.5cm .
      • I really love the size of the individual piggy stickers.

      Popcorning Piggy Review by Squidgypigs

      • The stickers peel nicely without taking half the sheet with them (like some stickers).
      • They would be perfect for bullet journals, scrapbooking or sealing a card to a loved one. Some of ours live on my iPad.


      • Cards are A6 size which is a nice size to hold yet gives you plenty of room to write a message.
      • At 300gsm Popcorning Piggy cards feel a nice quality.
      • The outside is glossy and scratchproof the inside is blank to allow you to easily write the message of your choice.
      • Pen goes on smoothly and I had no problem with smudging.
      • An envelope is included which is always handy.

      Popcorning Piggy Review Squidgypigs

      • I think all of the Popcorning Piggy designs are adorable but the colours of the Happy Birthday are so bright and fun filled that it’s definitely my favourite. I love the veggy cake too!


      • I love hearing about new Guinea Pig items and I think Popcorning Piggies is a wonderfully fresh, fun addition to the market!
      • Popcorning Piggies cards and stickers sell at a very reasonable price, providing a good mixture of quality and affordability.
      • I’m really excited to see what this brand does next!

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