Ziggy’s Piggies Medium Size Guinea Pig Bed Set Review

Today we are reviewing Ziggy’s Piggies Medium Size Set.

Image from ZiggysPiggies

What is a Ziggy’s Piggies Medium Size Set?:

  • A trio of made to order Guinea Pig beds.
  • A Snuggle sack – (approx: 28cm x 35cm).
  • A Tunnel – (approx: 16cm x 43cm).
  • And a Cuddle Cup – (approx: 22cm x 11cm).
  • Made to order with a fabric of your choice.

What Can I do with a Ziggy’s Piggies Medium Size Set?:

  • Place them in your piggies’ cages as beds.
  • Use them as lap protectors for shy piggies/handlers.

Ziggy's Piggies Review by Squidgypigs

Who are Ziggy’s Piggies?:

Ziggy's Piggies

  • Ziggy’s Piggies was founded in 2013 by seamstress, digital embroiderer, designer, dancer, model, actress and animal rights activist Ziggy following a diagnosis of Ehler-Danos Syndrome.
  • Now joined by a crew of assistant cutters and packers; Ziggy continues to make affordable custom beds, cage liners, and general fleecey piggy goodness.
  • “The business began after I made some snuggle sacks and tunnels for my own pigs, after finding many available to be far too expensive, and decided to share the love!  My aim is to supply original, affordable and high quality products to piggy (and rabbits, rats, chinchilla, ferrets, hamsters and degus!) owners who, despite being slave to their furry pals, don’t have loads of money to spend! ” –Ziggy

Where can I buy a Ziggy’s Piggies Medium Size Set?:


  • Princess Bagel-Baby enjoying her Cuddle Cup
  • The Cuddle Cup is a traditional ‘dog bed’ style bed. Allowing one adult or two or three baby Piggies to relax in comfort. Princess Bagel-Baby (above) is a substantial size for an adult sow and fits snug into the Cuddle Cup.

Devorah in the Cuddle Cup

  • The Cuddle Cup is soft and warm and keeps its shape well (especially with a pig in it!).
  • The Snuggle Sack is; as the name implies is essentially a fleecey bag or sleeping bag.
  • The Snuggle Sack is particularly useful for handling nervous animals (simply let them climb inside then pick up the sack). Or for letting children (or other nervous people) safely hold their favourite piggy.
  • The Tunnel is well sized for a couple of adult pigs to lie end to end inside.
  • It seems warm and cozy and I often find that when I count the large herd and find that I am missing a pig they are usually in a Ziggy’s Piggies Tunnel!

Devorah the Guinea Pig

  • Something particularly nice about the Snuggle Sack and Tunnel is that they both have ribbing at the openings. This provides a cavernous door to tempt them in.
  • This is particularly useful if your pigs are like ours and like to lie on top of them thus rendering them useless to every other pig.
  • This is not the first set of Ziggy’s Piggies beds we have used. The cow print items in these pictures are also made by Ziggy.


  • The Squidgypigs love the new additions to their home.
  • Ziggy’s products are well made and well finished with a quality that surpasses their bargain price tag.
  • The Medium Set is a great opportunity to have a variety of beds at a very good price.

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