Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelions?

Today we answer the question: Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions?


Guinea Pigs CAN eat Dandelions.

What are Dandelions?:

  • Latin name: Taraxacum officinale.
  • With their bright yellow sun-like flower, speared green leaves, milky stalk and fluffy seed-clocks Dandelions are one of the most easily recognised weeds in the garden.
  • The entire plant is edible from the fluffy flower to the root (that once dried smells a bit like chocolate!).
  • Wild rabbits eat Dandelions.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions?


  • Dandelions are high in vitamin C and calcium.
  • Dietary Vitamin C is essential to Guinea Pigs as they cannot produce their own.
  • Excess calcium can cause bladder sludge and stones so it may be best to limit dandelions to an occasional treat IF your Guinea Pig has known bladder issues.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions?


  • Dandelions are perfectly safe for both Guinea Pigs AND humans to eat.
  • However you should not feed any plant that has been treated with pesticides or that you know has been peed on by other animals.
  • Dandelions can make your guinea pig’s pee turn orange or red. This isn’t blood but instead the body processing the plant pigments. Your pee would also change colour if you ate enough Dandelions.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions?

But do they LIKE Dandelions?:

  • Oh YES!
  • In my experience Dandelions are possible the only thing Guinea Pigs like more than fresh grass.

Squidgygirl and Dandelions

How often should Guinea Pigs eat Dandelions?:

  • As with any treat a little bit at a time is best (especially if your piggies haven’t had them before).
  • During spring/summer when Dandelions are plentiful I’ll throw a handful in for the big herd perhaps 2-5 times a week.

So how should I feed them?:

  • Feed them by hand to help your bond or feed mixed with hay to induce natural foraging behaviour.
  • Some hays have Dandelions already mixed in (see below).

Some of our favourite Dandelion products:

Dandelion hay.

Dandelion root

100% Dried Dandelion

Nibble and Dig

Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix


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