Atlas The Travelling Guinea Pig Toy

UPDATE 1st June 2018 : There was ALOT of offers to host Atlas so I am officially closing the list now, thank you to everyone who will be hosting him, this is very exciting!

Who are you?

  • Hello my name is Atlas and I’m a plush toy Guinea Pig.

What are you doing?

  • I’m a travelling toy.
  • During 2018 I shall be travelling the globe with some help from my pigmum’s Instagram friends.

Atlas the travelling Guinea Pig

What is a travelling toy?:

  • A toy that gets sent from host to host around the world.
  • At each stop the host takes pictures of the toy and (optionally) sends a postcard back home.
  • Pictures can vary from pictures around your home (perhaps Atlas with your (real) Guinea Pigs) or to Atlas visiting local landmarks. Pictures can be as everyday or awesome as you want them to be according to your time and location.
  • You may also write a note in his passport (below).
  • You then send Atlas on to his next host family with the address I provide you.

Atlas the travelling Guinea Pig


  • To be a host you must be over 16 (sorry it’s easier than ensuring permission is granted etc).
  • I Squidgypigs will be responsible for drawing up the host list.
  • There will be 10 hosts to begin with but I may extend this if there is sufficient interest. (UPDATE: there was ALOT of interest!).
  • You must consent to providing your address to myself so that I can provide it to the person before you in the host list. (Please see Privacy Policy below).
  • Atlas’ stay with you should be no longer than 1 week.
  • Atlas should be sent to the next host clean (washed if necessary), dry and free from animal hair or anything else that could provide a customs hazard.
  • Atlas should be sent as safely as possible on to his next host (well packaged and 1st class or tracked where possible).
  • Host pictures taken with Atlas should be PM’d to @squidgypigs or @atlastravelpig or posted to your Instagram or Twitter
  • By agreeing to host Atlas you agree to pay for his postage on to the next host. This is likely to be an international address so please factor in this cost before agreeing to host.
  • If for any reason you feel unable to continue Atlas’ journey he must be sent back to Squidgypigs (address will be provided).
  • At the end of his journey Atlas will send you a postcard back to thank you for your hosting!

Atlas the travelling Guinea Pig

Apply to host Atlas:

  • Please fill in the following form and Private Message it to Squidgypigs on Instagram or Twitter.

My name is (insert name) and I live in (insert town and country). I hereby confirm that I am over 16 and would like to host Atlas on his journey.

Privacy Policy:

  • By agreeing to host Atlas you consent to sharing your name, email address and home address with Squidgypigs and with one other person on the host list (the person before you so that they can send Atlas to you!). These details WILL NOT be posted publicly.
  • We are not a business and will not send you any mail unrelated to Atlas’ journey!

Closing date for Host family applications is 20th of June 2018 OR when the initial 10 host spaces fill up.

Atlas the travelling Guinea Pig


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