Have you heard about Kavee’s NEW Pink Correx?

Having been impressed by Kavee Cages Prestige Loft I was delighted when our friends at Kavee asked if we would like to test out their NEW pink correx.

Kavee Cages


  • The new pink Kavee correx is a wonderfully bright pink colour and fits in wonderfully with our existing cage decor.

Kavee Cages

  • As expected from a Kavee Cage, everything is well cut and scored making it easy to build.

Kavee Cage review

  • All edges are curved so there is no risk of accidentally stabbing yourself with sharp edges. This is particularly good if your children are ‘helping’ you build.

Kavee Cage review.

  • The joins are perfectly cut to slot together easily without glue. This means there is no fiddling around with scissors or duck tape. Yippee!

Kavee Cage

  • Our new pink Kavee Cage makes a wonderful new addition to our Guinea Pig Herd enclosure, being currently used as a hay kitchen keeping their food separate and tidy from their main fleece area.


  • As with the standard silver Kavee Cage; the Squidgypigs have enjoyed exploring their new balcony loft. Rhona and Football were the first ones to make the climb, the low height of the Kavee lofts mean that the risk of slipping is greatly reduced and all of our Squidgypigs have used the ramp with ease.

Squidgypigs Kavee Review


  • This new correx colour really is a fabulous shade of pink.
  • I really recommend Kavee Cages for anybody who wants a great looking and great functioning Guinea Pig cage.
  • This particular shade of pink correx is an exclusive to Kavee and really makes a lovely edition to any pig set up.

Pink guinea pig correx

For more information about Kavee Cages visit their website at: www.kaveecage.co.uk


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