Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad Review

Today we are reviewing the Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad.

Guinea Pig Wheekly
Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad Review

What is the Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad?

  • A small notepad.
  • Specially designed for daily or weekly Guinea Pig care checks.
  • Available in blue or pink themes.
Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad ReviewGuineapig Wheekly Health Pad Review
  • What can I do with it?:
    • Use it to casually monitor the health of your piggies.
      Use it to monitor the recovery of an acutely ill piggy.
      Use it to leave notes or instructions to a pig sitter.

    “Brand new to the guinea pig wheekly shop is our “guinea pig health check” notepad! Ensuring your guinea pig is healthy is super important and so keeping track of their weight, appetite, age and weekly habits is super important! There’s even a poop rating area on the pad to rate.” – GPW


    Where can I buy one?:

  • How much does it cost?:
  • SquidgypigsSquidgypigs


    • When I heard Katie from Guineapig Wheekly had designed a Guinea Pig Health Pad I thought it was a fabulous idea; everyone knows that weighing piggies is a brilliant way of tracking their health and I have to admit I felt a little surprised that nobody had created such a pad before.
    • With 50 pages you have nearly a year worth of weekly monitoring or a lot longer if you save the pad for a poorly pig’s illness or recovery.
    GPW Health Pad ReviewGPW Health Pad Review
    • The Guineapig Wheekly Health Pad contains a space for all the important information: Name, Age, Appetite, Mood and the all important Poop Rating!
    • There is also a section for any other Notes.
    GPW Health Pad ReviewGPW Health Pad Review
    • Katie has designed the GuineaPig Wheekly Health Pad in her usual kawaii style; the mood indicator section is particularly endearing showing Content, Happy and Sad piggy faces.
    GPW Health PadGPW Health Pad Review
    • The way you use the pad is open to individual interpretation. The Poop Rating could be used to indicate quantity or quality. I like this flexibility.
    • I think this health pad would be a brilliant way of including children in their pet’s care. It’s cute and functional avoiding looking clinical and complex.
    BlueAlso available in blue.
  • Conclusion:
    • I think the Guineapig Wheekly Guinea Pig Health Pad is a brilliant idea and I feel sure that a lot of piggy people could incorporate this into their routines.

    Please note: Guineapig Wheekly were kind enough to send me this pad to review. To find out more about any of their products visit


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    1. Thanks so much for writing such a wheekly wonderful review on the guineapig health check pad bec it’s pretty awesome and we’re glad its so helpful! I hope it helps alot of other small pet piggie owners to keep track of their pets health to! Katie x

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