STAYbowl from Haypigs Review

Today we are reviewing the STAYbowl – now newly available in the UK from

What is the STAYbowl?

  • An anti-spill food bowl for small pets.
  • Two sizes 1/4 cup and 3/4 cup to prevent over feeding of pellets.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Dishwasher safe.
Squidgypigs STAYbowl review
Two sizes of STAYbowl
  • What can my guinea pig do with a STAYbowl?:
    • Eat from it without knocking it over, flinging it across the room or flipping it at their friends.
    • Eat the correct amount of pellets. The STAYbowl 1/4 is designed for 1-2 guinea pigs, whilst the STAYbowl is suitable for a small herd of 3-6 guinea pigs .
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review

    Where can I buy a STAYbowl?:

    4 different bright colours.Colour options.


    • Everyone who keeps Guinea Pigs has had a pig or two that delights in standing with their feet in or on their food bowl. Cute at first; the novelty soon fades once they’ve spilt a perfectly good bowl of pellets and usually peed on them too making them inedible for their cagemates.
    Yum-Yum testing out the STAYbowl
    Yum-Yum testing out the STAYbowl
    • This is exactly what happened to STAYbowl’s inventors Ken and Megan Foster from the US prompting them to design a solution:

    “What started out as a teachable moment at the kitchen table about product development evolved into a simple working STAYbowl™ prototype, to a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and eventually to a fully designed, commercially produced product that effectively solves a simple problem for small pets.” – Ken Foster inventor of STAYbowl

    • I think the concept behind STAYbowl is one that all piggy keepers can identify with, and I was excited to hear that our friends at had become UK stockists.
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review
    Full of goodness…
    • With their seemingly bottomless stomachs and never ending hunger it is so very easy to overfeed piggies.
    • I like the idea that the STAYbowl is designed to hold the correct amount of pellets for either 1-2 piggies or 3-6 piggies, it takes the guesswork away and I can easily see how these measurements along with the spill-proof design could prevent over feeding and save you money on pellets too!
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review.
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review.
    • I initially gave the small (1/4 cup) size STAYbowl to just Slincypig and then both STAYbowls to our large Girly Herd. If anypigs were going to tip over bowls it was going to be the 13 members of our Girly Herd!
    Girly Herd testing...
    Girly Herd testing..
    • Our Girly Herd have recently lost their longterm leader Blondie; this has resulted in a degree of in-fighting and dominance displays. Bums have been bitten! They are currently still to establish a new hierarchy. These are uncertain times for the Girly Herd!
    • To my surprise I found that the STAYbowl definitely met its aim of not tipping over; despite the best efforts of the Girly Herd.
    • Not a pellet was spilt.
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review
    Throwing veg
    • STAYbowl also makes a fantastic holder for veggies although I found that Slincypig was more likely to take veg out of the bowl and then throw it on the floor, this could however be something specific to Slincypig! He is a strange little pig.
    Squidgypigs STAYbowl review
    You say tomatoes I say om nom nom,
    • I would imagine the STAYbowl would also work well for holding water for pets that refuse or are too ill to drink from a drinking bottle. The perfect slop-free bowl!
    Chicken-Glitter showing her best bowl tipping yoga moves...
    Chicken-Glitter showing her best bowl tipping yoga moves…
    • In the week we’ve been using the STAYbowl I’ve found it easy to use and easy to clean. There are no awkward angles to wash out and being dishwasher safe is a nice time-saving addition, although we don’t actually have a dishwasher so I can’t comment on how well it fared, but hand cleaning was quick and simple.
    • In addition to being a well functioning bowl; aesthetically the colours available are striking and make a nice addition to any Guinea pig housing.
    Spill proof it may be but it won’t prevent toddler attacks!
    Spill proof it may be but it won’t prevent toddler attacks!


    • The STAYbowl looks great and does what it aims to do.
    • Definitely worth trying it you are tired of your pigs throwing their pellets around their housing or worried about how much food to feed.
    Girly Herd
    Girly Herd

    Please note: our friends at Haypigs sent us these bowls to review. If you would like to know more about STAYbowl or any of Haypigs product please visit the website at


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    1. I really enjoyed this review. 13 guinea pigs against the STAYbowl®? Wow, very impressive. The pictures were wonderful and the guinea pigs so cute. Thank you. My daughter and I thank you for sharing your experiences and your piggies with us. 🙂 Ken Foster – co-inventor of STAYbowl®

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