Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN hay

This week thr Squidgypigs are reviewing Nature’s Own Sweet Green Hay.

Squidgypigs - Nature's Own Sweet Green Hay Review
Squidgypigs – Nature’s Own Sweet Green Hay Review

What is Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Hay?:

  • Dust extracted green hay.
  • Grown, harvested and packaged in the South West.

Sweet Green is a beautiful dark green hay which is dried in the field for 2-3 days then moisture controlled in a barn, using a very gentle heat recycling treatment. This ensures the deep colour and sweetness are always at their best. The hay is suitable for everyday use. 

Nature’s Own.

What can your pet do with it?

  • Eat it
  • Play in it
  • Sleep on it
  • Hide in it
  • Piddle on it (had to mention you Slincypig…)


Where can I buy it? 

  • Good independent pet shops (request it if not currently stocked).
  • Online – Nature’s Own.


  • Anybody who has tried Nature’s Own Meadow Hay will know it is consistently good quality whilst remaining affordable and loved by pets, their NEW Green Hay is of the same high quality I was expecting.
Squidgypigs-Nature's Own Green Hay Review
Squidgypigs-Nature’s Own Green Hay Review
  • When you open the packaging bag you are met with not only a beautiful rich inviting green colour but a gorgeous, sweet aroma of fresh green hay.
  • It really smells good enough to eat!
  • Squidgypigs - Morag our dental model
    Squidgypigs – Morag our dental model
  • The hay is harvested in long blades which is fantastic for the ever growing teeth of fibre lovers such as rabbits and of course Guinea Pigs.
  • There is also a pleasant variety in the different types of grasses in the hay, you can see the piggies visibly enjoying the different types of grass.
  • The hay is soft enough to make a snuggly bed or even dive under without risking eye poke injuries. 
  • Squidgypigs - Nature's Own Sweet Green Hay Review
    Squidgypigs – Nature’s Own Sweet Green Hay Review
  • Our VERY fussy rabbit Mr Horatio McBunny also ate (and enjoyed) this hay. Praise indeed!


  • This is a very good quality of hay that doesn’t disappoint on price. It was universally loved by the Squidgypigs and I feel happy knowing that the long strands of beautiful Devonshire grasses are helping prevent dental problems in our Squidgypigs.
  • This hay deserves to be a regular in your hay buying repertoire.

Please note: Natures Own were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs a bag of Sweet Green Hay to review. If you’d like to know more about Nature’s Own visit their site at: NaturesOwnPets.co.uk


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