Piggin' Good Guinea Pig Product Reviews



Squidgypigs- Guinea Pig Treat Fruit and Veg Part 1

Squidgypigs Guide To The Basics In addition to hay and a good quality dry food every Guinea Pig should have approximately a cupful of fresh vitamin C rich veg a day. Squidgypigs recommend a mixture of Spring Greens, Savoy Cabbage... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – The Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding

A guide to using fleece as Guinea Pig bedding.

Squidgypigs-Guinea Pig Product Reviews-storage

Today we are reviewing c&c caging.

Squidgypigs – Introducing Zelah

Come meet the latest Squidgypig baby...

Squidgypigs – Miley and Morag are Pregnant

Pregnancy announcement.

Squidgypigs – Guineapig Product Reviews – Friendship Estates ReadiGrass and Green Oat ReadiGrass

Today we are reviewing delicious Friendship Estates Readigrass, a must try for all Guinea Pig lovers.

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch

Today we are reviewing: Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch I was delighted when the fine people at Wagg sent the Squidgypigs some Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch to review. What is it?: Muesli style guinea pig food Mixture of nuggets, flaked peas,... Continue Reading →

Meet the Baby Squidgypigs

Introducing the babies...

Squidgypigs Guineapig Reviews – Rosewood Boredom Breaker Chew Tube

Today we are reviewing Rosewood Chew Tubes, a simple but incredibly effective essential.

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