Today the Squidgypigs are reviewing:

Rosewood Boredom Breakers Chew Tube (image from Rosewood)

Rosewood’s Boredom Breaker Chew Tube.

What is it?
A sturdy, stripey cardboard tube manufactured by Shropshire based Rosewood Pet Products. 
Available in four different sizes and colours; small (dwarf hamsters/mice), medium (rats), large (guinea pigs), giant (rabbits).

How can your pet use it?
Your pet can:
Run through it
Chew it
Hide in it
Throw it around their home (rabbits I’m looking at you…)
Build a nest in it
Ignore it

Where can I buy one?
Asda (Walmart)
The Range
Pets at Home
Independent pet shops

The Range sells these for £1.49 and best of all Asda often have these for £1 but it seems hit or miss whether they are in stock.

Other than The Range or Asda Online
Amazon marketplace currently has the guineapig size for £5.60ish ($8ish) but I seriously suggest shopping around.

Wilko sell their own version for £1.50
Pets at Home own version is £3.00

Squidgypigs Rosewood Chew Tube Review

The Squidgypigs love their Rosewood Chew Tubes. From young to old they all enjoy their Chew Tube in many different ways.

The medium is a good fit for all of our adult piggies, although whilst heavily pregnant Blondie & Football found it difficult to squeeze through.
If you have a very large piggy or regularly pregnant sows you may prefer to upgrade to ‘giant’ size. We actually all laughed at Blondie after she had given birth because she ran through her Chew Tube twice as if to say “got my pre baby body back, look at this hot piggy”.

Ned is a chewer (likely due to err…frustrations…) he seems to enjoy munching on his Chew Tube and it holds up well to his vigorous abuse.

We have recently witnessed our born-blind piglet Britney (daughter of Blondie) often hanging out in a Chew Tube, it offers her a sense of security which is nice.

Inexpensive / cheap
Piggies love them
Lots of uses
Helps keep teeth in order
Readily available
Surprisingly strong and sturdy

Although sturdy cardboard doesn’t hold up that well to the wet thus really piddly piggies may need their Chew Tubes replaced more frequently.
Medium could be too small for larger piggies.

5/5 – Excellent product.
The Squidgypigs own multiple Chew Tubes; at least one in each cage. I strongly recommend this product.

Love & Chin Rubs xox