Today the Squidgypigs are Reviewing:

Squidgypigs - Lazy Bones Comfy Cave (image from Lazy Bones)

Lazy Bones Comfy Cove (Medium).

What is it?
A flexible row of bright chewable, wire-strung wooden rods that can be bent into a curved cave or a pointed ‘tent shape’.

The medium size we are reviewing is 40 x 16cm (16 x 6.25inch). Two other sizes are available a small and a large.

What can your pet do with it?
Run through it
Chew it
Climb on it
Jump over it
Hide in it
Ignore it
Sleep under it
Use it a ramp or ladder

Squidgypigs - I caught Blondie smirking at her Comfy Cave

Where can you buy it?
The Range
Independent pet shops
Other online retailers

Best price is £4.99 in The Range.

The medium Comfy Cave seems a good size for our Squidgypigs with all the adult Squidgypigs being able to squeeze through the cave without any discomfort. However as with the Rosewood Chew Tube I guess that pregnant or very large pigs may require the larger size, especially if they wish to sleep underneath the cave.

The babies (especially blind baby Britney) love to play underneath the Comfy Cave. The adults run through it at speed, however none of our Squidgypigs have tried to chew it yet.

It occurs to me that the Lazy Bones Comfy Cave Would be a nice way of connecting two cages together. I’ve seen babies on top of the cave so I do not think a bigger pig could struggle with the climb.

Squidgypigs - Lazy Bones Comfy Cave

Strong and sturdy
Medium seems a good fit for most
Could help keep teeth in shape
Provides hiding space for timid piggies
Multiple uses

Assume that colours would be patchy when chewed
Bigger piggies may require a larger size
Prices vary greatly online.

Trixie (opens at Amazon) produce a Natural Living Wooden Bridge for a less colourful, more natural look.


5/5 – I love the bright colours and find the Lazy Bones Comfy Cave to be a cheerful addition to any guineapig habitat.

Love & Chin Rubs xox