Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles Review ( and how to get them for free!)

Today we are reviewing Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles.

Nature’s Own. Natural Nibbles

What are Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles?:

  • Three delicious treats in one pack.
  • Dried Apple,
  • Dried Dandelion,
  • and Dried Vegetables (beetroot, pumpkin, and sweet peppers).
  • 100% natural!

Slincypig enjoying his Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles

What can I do with Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles?:

  • Feed them in addition to a good quality pellet or muesli food as a treat.
  • Hand feed pieces of Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles individually to enhance the bond between you and your pet.
  • Scatter in hay for a natural foraging experience.

Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles

Where can I buy Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles?:

  • Want them for FREE?: If you order anything from Nature’s Own by 11th of May you get Natural Nibbles absolutely FREE!

Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles Review


  • I really like that Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles offer three very different natural textures and flavoured treats for your Guinea Pigs and other small critters.
  • One really noticeable thing is that for dried products these snacks are delightfully saturated in colour, this shouldn’t really surprise anyone since Nature’s Own make their delicious Sweet Green Hay so it’s safe to say that Nature’s Own are experts in drying for both taste and vibrancy.

Handfeeding guinea pig

  • All three Natural Nibbles are great additions to the product; the Apple Pieces are surprisingly juicy for a dried product and are a great option for hand feeding.
  • The Dandelion is universally loved and is a great option for both handfeeding and scattering over hay for foraging.
  • The Dried Vegetables smell amazing and make me crave vegetable fajitas. Their size and shape make them perfect for mixing with hay or simply hiding throughout your piggies’ cage.
  • It’s worth noting that all three Nibbles contain good levels of vitamin C which is particularly beneficial to Guinea Pigs (because they cannot produce their own).



  • Nature’s Own Natural Nibbles are a great selection of nutritious and delicious of snacks for your Guinea Pigs to enjoy.
  • Did I mention they’re currently FREE with any order from Nature’s Own? What better time to try?!

Nature’s a Own Guinea Pig treats


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