Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Hay Cookies Review

Today we are reviewing Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Cookies.

Sweet Green Cookies Sweet Green Cookies

What are Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Cookies?:

  • Hay Cookies made from Nature’s Own Sweet Green Hay.
  • 100% compressed hay.

“Made from our very own Sweet Green… Hay which is grown and cut in the traditional way, then dried in the field before being finished using a special heat recycling process in a moisture controlled barn.”

Nature’s Own

What can I do with Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Cookies?:

  • Feed them to your Guinea Pig in place of loose hay .
  • Hide them around your Guinea Pig’s cage to privide a boredom breaking searching activity.

100% Hay. 100% Hay.

Where can I buy Nature’s Own GREEN Hay Cookies?:


  • £3.99 for 1kg


  • We have previously reviewed Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Hay (click HERE for review) and found each delicious strand to be extremely popular with the Squidgypigs; so I wasn’t surprised that Nature’s Own Sweet Green Cookies (made from 100% of the same green hay) was also absolutely adored.
  • Nature's Own Sweet Green Hay Cookies Review Nature’s Own Sweet Green Hay Cookies Review
  • Everypig from elderly Blondie to recently rescued baby Yum-Yum flocked around the Nature’s Own GREEN Cookies eager to get their share.
  • Hay cookies
  • Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Cookies are a beautiful rich green colour and smell absolutely deliciously of cut grass and lazy summer afternoons. 
  • Like many of Nature’s Own’s  products they’re a bit like having a little scented air freshener in the piggy cage. 
  • Nature's Own Sweet Green Cookies Nature’s Own Sweet Green Cookies
  • Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN Cookies are very firm and tightly pressed compared with some other brands of hay cookie. 
  • This is good thing; because not only is the tightness of the cookie providing a boredom breaking challenge for your Guinea Pigs, they are also helping to keep their ever-growing open rooted teeth in good shape. 
  • Miniguide to hay. Miniguide to hay.
  • As mentioned in our Mini Guide to Hay I always think that Hay Cookies are the perfect product for people who know that hay should make up the majority of a Guinea Pig’s diet BUT due to allergies or housing restrictions cannot feed huge great bunches of loose hay.
  • Loved. Loved.


  • The Squidgypigs adored the challenge of these delicious GREEN Hay Cookies.
  • They’re an absolutely great product that even the pickiest of piggies are going to love. 

Please note: Natures Own were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs a bag of Sweet Green Cookies to review. If you’d like to know more about Nature’s Own visit their site at:


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