This week the Squidgypigs are reviewing 

Woodland Brights Willow Balls -  pic from  Pets at Home
Woodland Brights Willow Balls – pic from Pets at Home

Woodland Bright’s Trio of Willow Balls.

One of three year old Squidgytoddler’s favourite hobbies is buying new goodies for our megaherd of 12 sows. Whilst browsing in our local Pets at Home her eyes were drawn to the Woodlands Bright’s Willow Balls, and who’s eyes wouldn’t be? The glorious mix of colours means they’re not easy to miss!

What is it?

  • A trio of brightly coloured willow chew balls interspersed with brightly coloured coconut shell spacers.
  • Coloured with animal safe dyes.
  • Perfect for rats, chinchillas, Guinea pigs and rabbits.

What can my pet do with it?

  • Chew it.
  • Head butt it (standard rabbit response in my experience).


  • £5 currently reduced to £4.

Where can I buy it?


  • I wasn’t surprised when my daughter picked these willow balls; with the bright colours and different textures they’re a bit of a child’s dream piggy toy. As you may guess from our fleece bedding choices I’m a fan of bright colours myself so certainly wasn’t going to object.
  •  It didn’t take long for the Squidgypigs to investigate and for Rhona and Blondie to start chewing. Our pigs aren’t big chewers but seemed to enjoy the balls anyway.  
  • I know some people will dislike the idea of giving pets bright colours and I have to admit that I would usually buy the more natural undyed willow products. However, I believe it’s good to try new things and the packaging is clear to mention animal safe dyes are used. I’m happy to believe this having dyed my own hair many very unnatural colours in the past with vegetable based dyes. 
  • Aesthetically, I think the balls look fantastic hanging from our c&c shelf in the corner of our Megaherd cage and I’d imagine they’d make a great edition to any cage. 

Squidgypigs - Woodland Brights Willow Balls - Review
Squidgypigs – Woodland Brights Willow Balls – Review


  • The Squidgypigs are happy with their new toy, Squidgytoddler is happy with her purchase, I am happy because they are happy.