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Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Review - pic from Fuzziggles
Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Review – pic from Fuzziggles

Fuzziggles Guinea Pig Plushies all the way from Salem, USA! 
What is it? 

  • A big fuzzy plushy Guinea Pig.
  • Made from: faux fur, wool felt, down alternative super soft polyfill, safety eyes .
  • This particular type of Fuzziggles Pig is called ‘Grape Fizz’ we know him as ‘Claude’…
  • Available in three different sizes (ours is medium).
  • Available in many different ‘fur’ colours: realistic and fantasy.

Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Guinea Pig Plushy Review
Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Guinea Pig Plushy Review

What can you do with it?:

  • Cuddle it.
  • Love it.
  • Confuse your real piggies.
  • Take it travelling. 
  • Make small children VERY happy.


  • From £11.98 to £24.98.

Where can you buy one?

Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Review
Squidgypigs Fuzziggles Review


  • I’ve been a fan of Fuzziggles since discovering them on Etsy as a poor student.
  • Since marriage and the birth of Squidgydaughter we now own 2 fuzziggles bunnies so it was only natural that we would want/need a Fuzziggles Guinea Pig to add to our Squidgypig family.
  • Both websites are easy to use and you can pay with PayPal which is always lovely for international plushy fans.
  • The Plushies arrive well packed and beautifully wrapped with cellophane and ribbon.
  • A gentle shake transforms any squashed fibres into fabulous fuzzaliciousness.
  • The Plushies are wonderfully cuddly, beautiful to look at, easy to clean and very well made.
  • Fuzziggles


  • I would recommend these Plushies to Guinea Pig lovers of all ages.
  •  I fail to see how anybody could not fall madly in love with these lovable fuzzes.
  • …as if things weren’t perfect enough Fuzziggles will make you a custom pig in the image of your own piggy!