The Squidgypigs Guide to Guinea Pig Crafters

Following our Guide to Guinea Pig Artists I thought it was about time we focused on the modellers, sculptors and fibre artists of the Guinea Pig world.


Fuzzalicious Guinea Pig Plushies
Fuzzalicious Guinea Pig Plushies

  • Based in the US Fuzziggles create amazingly fuzzy cuddly plushy toys.
  • As well as creating a variety of cute critters including bunnies, hedgehogs, caterpillars and Guinea Pigs Fuzziggles will also sculpt a plushy based on your own Guinea Pig.
  • Our review of a Grape Fizz Fuzziggles piggy can be found HERE.


  • Guinea Pigs start from £13.70.


Allison at Squiggly Pigs:

Handmade Guinea Pig Keychain
Handmade Guinea Pig Keychain

  • Squiggly Pigs is a Guinea Pig bed maker based in the US.
  • Squiggly Pigs also creates Guinea Pig keychains.
  • Made from polymer clay, painted with acrylic paint, and coated in a gloss glaze for protection.
  • Squiggly Pigs will handcraft YOUR piggy.


  • £7.75


Squigglypigs (Etsy).

Flat Bonnie:

The flattest piggy plushies.
The flattest piggy plushies.

  • Based in the US Flat Bonnie creates a wonderful variety of ‘flat’ plushy creatures including Guinea Pigs.
  • Each plush comes with an adorable Adoption Certificate
  • If all this wasn’t great enough a portion of all sales are donated to bunny and/or animal rescue organizations monthly.
  • …they make plushy poops too.


  • Single colour Guinea Pigs start at £15.50.
  • Custom piggies start at £38.80.


Rebecca at Gizzy’s Gifts:

Handcrafted piggy charms.
Handcrafted piggy charms.

  • Based in the UK; Gizzy’s Gifts create a wonderful selection of small pet charms and necklaces.
  • From bunnies hiding in flowerpots to carrots and custom Guinea Pigs there is something for every small pet lover in your life.


  • Prices start from £19.95 for a necklace.


If you are an artisan crafter who features Guinea Pigs in your work contact us for a feature. 


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