Squidgypigs – Rosewood Naturals Woven Stack n Hide Den Review

As part of their 10th Birthday celebrations we were delighted that the lovely folk at Rosewood Naturals sent the Squidgypigs a selection of their latest products to test.

Squidgypigs - Slincypig celebrating Rosewood's 10th Birthday
Squidgypigs – Slincypig celebrating Rosewood’s 10th Birthday

Today we are reviewing Rosewood Naturals’  Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide den.

Squidgypigs - Princess Bagel-Baby checking out the Stack 'n' Hide
Squidgypigs – Princess Bagel-Baby checking out the Stack ‘n’ Hide

What is it?

  • A woven hidey tunnel with well proportioned entrances.
  • Made only from natural materials (bulrush).
  • Contains no glue or wires.

Rosewood describe the Stack ‘n’ Hide as a:

“Large play and sleep tunnel for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and degus. 33cm long and 15cm square with holes for scurrying in and out of.”


Squidgypigs - Rosewood Woven Stack 'n' Hide Den Review
Squidgypigs – Rosewood Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide Den Review

What can your pet do with it?

  • Hide in the den (See Doughnut above).
  • Sleep in the den.
  • Stack two dens on top of each other for piggy-block-of-flats fun.
  • Climb on top of the den.
  • Run through the den as a tunnel.
  • Chew/eat the den.
  • You could hide hay or treats in the den to give your piggies a challenge. 

Squidgypigs - Hiding veg works best IF your Guinea Pigs can find it...
Squidgypigs – Hiding veg works best IF your Guinea Pigs can find it…

Who makes it?

  • The Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide is made by Rosewood and is part of their Naturals Range.
  • Based in the UK Rosewood are a leading name in pet products and sell their products globally.
  • You can visit their site at Rosewoodpet.com

Where Can I Buy A Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide?

  • Independent pet shops.
  • Online Stack n Hide
  • This is a new product so if you can’t find a Stack ‘n’ Hide in your local pet supply shop they should be happy to order you one.

    Squidgypigs  - Guinea Pig Product Reviews
    Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews

    • The Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide is made from 100% natural bulrush.
    • Stack ‘n’ Hides aren’t intended as a food source but will certainly do no harm if (or more accurately when) your Guinea Pig chews or snacks upon it.
    • Chewing on the Stack ‘n’ Hide will help your Guinea Pig keep their ever-growing teeth healthy. 
    • Because the Stack ‘n’ Hide is entirely woven from bulrushes there are no structural wires or hidden glue that could endanger your pets.


    • The Stack ‘n’ Hide Den must smell very appealing to Guinea Pigs because the first thing the Squidgypigs did was start tearing mouthfuls off.
    • Alongside eating and pooping one of any Guinea Pig’s favourite activities is “pushing a friend out of a comfy bed” so it comes as no surprise that the competition for the comfiest spot in the Stack ‘n’ Hide Den is hotly contested.
    • The weave is structurally sound and sturdy whilst still being sufficiently comfy to warrant “pushing your friend out of their bed”.
    • As prey animals Guinea Pigs love tunnels and I can envisage much fun can be had simply by running through the den.
    • The holes in the den are a generous size and even our fattest of fluffs could easily squidge through at one point easily fitting two full size fat fluffers in the den.


    • Each Squidgypig had a fantastic time with the Rosewood Naturals Woven Stack ‘n’ Hide Den
    • They enjoyed chewing, eating and playing in and on the den.
    • I think this product would be a fantastic addition to any Guinea Pig cage. It’s well proportioned and seems a very safe and enjoyable toy.

    Have you tried the Rosewood Stack and Hide Den yet? I’d love to know your experiences below in the comment section.



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