Squidgypigs – Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo.

Veg Patch Sackaroo - Image from www.rosewoodpet.com
Veg Patch Sackaroo – Image from http://www.rosewoodpet.com

What is it?

  • A small jute sack.
  • Filled with 8 different kinds of herbs, grasses and dried veg.
  • There is small hole already in the sack to enable your pets to nibble to their hearts content.
  • Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, mice and gerbils. 

Princess Bagel-Baby loves her Veg Patch Sackaroo
Princess Bagel-Baby loves her Veg Patch Sackaroo

What can your Guinea Pig do with it?

  • Chew the jute sack.
  • Eat the goodies within.
  • If you hang the Sackaroo in your piggy’s cage they will stretch up to nibble it.
  • You can replace the contents once the herbs, grasses and veg have been gobbled away.

Squidgypigs - Lots of interest in the Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo
Squidgypigs – Lots of interest in the Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo

Who makes it?

  • The Veg Patch Sackaroo is made by Rosewood and is part of their Naturals Range.
  • Based in the UK Rosewood are a leading name in pet products and sell their products globally.
  • Rosewood Naturals are celebrating their 10th birthday this year and were lovely enough to send us a Sackaroo to review.
  • You can visit their site at Rosewoodpet.com

Where can you buy it?  


  • The Sackaroo contains 8 different types of herbs, grasses and veg.
  • Jute is completely harmless and won’t hurt your pets.
  • Chewing both the jute bag and the yummy contents can contribute to wearing down your piggies’ ever-growing teeth. 


  • I think this is a brilliant idea; simple but very, very effective. 
  • The inner contents arrive in a little plastic bag inside the jute bag to prevent them falling out the pre-made hole.To set up the Sackaroo up you simply empty the inner bag into the jute bag and hang in your pet’s house or run.
Sackaroo Contents
Sackaroo Contents
  • The Squidgypigs were immediately attracted to this product and I have to agree that both the jute and the contents do smell yummy!
  • Once they discovered there was goodies inside the Squidgypigs delighted in shaking, tossing and generally attacking the Sackaroo. It was like a piggy piñata!
  • My most powerful advice is if you have more than three piggies you should probably get 2 Veg Patch Snackaroos because as you can see in the following video they were very popular and caused a few arguments!
  • I haven’t yet refilled the Sackaroo but I’d imagine that any Guinea Pig would enjoy tearing out hay.
  • You could also add any of the yummy treats that Rosewood make.


  • Both myself and the Squidgypigs adored this product.
  • At only £2.99 this is a product you could afford to buy frequently for your pets that you know they will enjoy and benefit from.

Have your Guinea Pigs tried the Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo?  Let me know how they enjoyed them in the comments section below.


Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews 


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