Squidgypigs – Flystrike in Guinea Pigs – Maggots on Guinea Pig – Has my Guinea Pig got Flystrike 

Today we are focusing on the distressing condition of Flystrike in Guinea Pigs.

What is Fly Strike?:

  • Fly strike is a condition where adult flies lay their eggs on animals.
  • Maggots hatch from the eggs and eat the surrounding flesh of the animal.
  • Not only does this essentially eat the animal alive but the maggots also release toxins that slowly poison the guinea pig.
  • This happens in damp and/or dirty places, so usually around the rear end of the guinea pig.

What are the symptoms of Flystrike in Guinea Pigs? / Does my Guinea Pig have Flystrike?:

Symptoms include:

  • Visible maggots on Guinea Pig.
  • Visible eggs on Guinea Pig.
  • A Guinea Pig repeatedly reaching around to its bottom may draw your attention to this.
  • Late stage Flystrike produces a distressed pig that will stop eating, drinking and may fit. This animal is dying from its infestation. 

Flystrike kills Guinea Pigs, if in doubt please see a vet immediately.

Flystrike in guineapigs Flystrike in guinea pigs

How can you prevent Flystrike in Guinea Pigs ?:

How to treat Flystrike in Guinea Pigs?:

  • If you see symptoms of Flystrike get your pig to a vet immediately. Flystrike is a veterinary emergency.
  • Whilst you wait try to get as many maggots off your pig by using a warm damp tissue (use gloves if squemish).
  • The maggots may have reached internal tissues and no longer be visible so you should still see a vet. Your pet may need antibiotics to survive.

Please also see our guides to Heatstroke and staying safe in the Hot Weather.

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Flystrike in Guinea Pigs Flystrike in Guinea Pigs
Flystrike in Guinea Pigs Flystrike in Guinea Pigs
Flystrike in Guinea Pigs Flystrike in Guinea Pigs

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