Today we are reviewing Binky and Wheeks’ Fruit Salad.

What is it?

  • Dehydrated fruit slices.
  • Packaged in 45g resealable bags.

Squidgypigs - All the pretty colours
Squidgypigs – All the pretty colours


  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Kiwi 
  • (All in equal amounts).

What can I / my Guinea Pig do with it?:

  • Eat it.
  • Hide it in hay.
  • Place in an activity toy or feeder .
  • Create a fruit trail for piggies to follow. 

Squidgypigs - Binky and Wheeks Fruit Salad Review
Squidgypigs – Binky and Wheeks Fruit Salad Review

Where can I buy it?


  • £4.20 for 45g
Squidgypigs - Slincypig and his Fruit Salad
Squidgypigs – Slincypig and his Fruit Salad


  • The fruit in the Fruit Cocktail mix are all reasonably high in vitamin C so this is good for Guinea Pigs as (like humans) they cannot make their own vitamin C.
  • Like all fruit these slices are naturally high in sugar so should be kept as an occasional treat. I like the fact that this is mentioned on the Binky and Wheeks site:
  • “A good source of vitamins and fibre, this is great for an occasional treat, and the small pieces make it easy to feed only little amounts.”

    Binky and Wheeks


  • Binky and Wheeks describe their Fruit Salad as:

“Apple, pear and kiwi fruit in equal measures combine to make this one of our sweetest treats! This mixture is unique to us and smells beautiful.”

-Binky and Wheeks

  • …and they’re not exaggerating
  • A wonderful sweet aroma hits you when you open the bag. 
  • I really love that the Binky and Wheeks bags are resealable. 
  • The fruit pieces are well sized and brightly coloured.
  • The fruit sourced by Binky and Wheeks is food grade and the end product certainly looks enough to eat (as a human). 
  • Slincypig immediately grabbed a slice of kiwi and it certainly didn’t last long before it was joined by a short lived slice of apple.
  • The 12 members of the Girlyfluff Gang were equally impressed and thoroughly enjoyed their taster.
  • 45g is a deceptively generous quantity and would last a good while with a pair or small group. 
  • There was even a fair bit left over after all of the Girlyfluffs had each taken their pick.


  • A lovely occasional treat that is well packaged and well liked by the Squidgypigs. 

Binky and Wheeks were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs these samples to review; to find out more about Binky and Wheeks check out our Binky and Wheeks intro page HERE or visit