Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Crimes Part 2

Today we continue our rant about the worst crimes against Guinea Pigs, Part 1 is HERE (Swimming etc).

Hamster Wheels / Balls:

Squidgypigs - Guinea Pigs in Exercise Balls
Squidgypigs – Guinea Pigs in Exercise Balls

“Well you said they liked to run…”

  • Guinea pigs should never be put in exercise wheels or balls.
  • Both wheels and balls will damage the fragile spines of Guinea Pigs.
  • Actually even hamsters don’t have the bendy spines suitable for the majority of tiny wheels and balls that are sold but that is probably a battle best left to hamster owners.
  • The air inside is stale and hot.
  • Toes can get stuck in the air holes.
  • Piddle and poop gets stuck in the ball leading to dirty pigs.
  • You are basically trapping an animal in a small space and watching them try to escape. Not cool.

Harness and Leads / Leashes :

The Piggarazzi strikes again!
The Piggarazzi strikes again!

“Look at Pharrell walk on his lead…”

  • Similarly to wheels; harnesses risk harm to the fragile spines of Guinea Pigs.
  • There is no good reason to take a Guinea Pig for a walk.
  • The merely act of fixing it on the pig is likely to cause stress. 
  • Your pigs would much rather they had a large, safe outdoors run to exercise in.


“Boris got a Brazilian!”

  • I didnt even know this was a ‘thing’ until this week … If you have a long haired pig and it is very hot or they have a history of incontinence you may consider giving them a haircut.
  • There is absolutely no need to shave a Guinea Pig outside of surgery, and even then they are usually sedated first.
  • Not only would powered clippers very likely scare the pig during the shave, you are also risking injury, ingrown hairs and infections. 

Posing With Predators:

“But Murrey my mountain lion loves Timmy, he would never eat him…”

  • Your cat / dog / hyena doesn’t love your Guinea Pigs, at best they tolerate them out of strained obedience for you, at worst they are plotting their death right now. Yes, right now.
  • It’s unnatural and unhealthy for both animals to pose together, your Guinea pig smells like dinner to your dog and your dog smells like certain doom to your Guinea Pig. 
  • Can you imagine how stressful that is?
  • In those horrible cases where dogs kill or maim children it is usually cited that the dogs were enticed by the squeaks and squeals of the children, the same noises that pray animals make. If you’ve never heard a rabbit scream consider yourself lucky. 
  • For every well meaning poster I see that claims their dog and Guinea pig are best friends I will see at least two more devastated that their dog has savaged their pigs. 
  • The majority of these tragedies can be prevented.
  • And no, if you are wondering I never leave my children alone with any animal.

The Rant Continues:

  • There will be a part 3 very soon.
  • If you have a Guinea Pig crime you’d like me to cover either comment below or message me on Instagram

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