Squidgypigs – Binky and Wheeks www.binkyandwheeks.com

Have you heard about Binky and Wheeks the fabulous new bunny and Guinea Pig treat shop? 

Squidgypigs - Binky and Wheeks
Squidgypigs – Binky and Wheeks
This week we are excited to be reviewing a selection of products from this fresh new brand.

Binky and Wheeks were founded when the owner Elizabeth and her family found themselves disappointed with the small animal treat selections otherwise available:

“I couldn’t understand why there was nothing more natural to buy (I also couldn’t understand why shops kept selling treats that were probably never eaten, and seemed so far removed from a natural diet!).”

– Elizabeth @ Binky and Wheeks

Squidgypigs - Binky & Wheeks goodies
Squidgypigs – Binky & Wheeks goodies

Binky and Wheeks sells a diverse variety of dehydrated treats and toys for your small animals. 

“All of our products are dehydrated to preserve them, so nothing is added, and only moisture is taken away. Dehydration has been used for many centuries, and ensures a long shelf life. Most products do not change much when dried, they simply become much, much lighter!”

– Elizabeth @ Binky and Wheeks

You can visit the Binky and Wheeks shop at http://www.binkyandwheeks.com

The packaging is adorable and the treats themselves are colourful, fragrant and quite frankly beautiful. 


Have you tried Binky and Wheeks’ treats? Let me know below in the comments…


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