Can Guinea Pigs Swim? 

Reposting this so that it’s easy to find. 

Can Guinea Pigs Swim?

“I saw it on You Tube and thought I’d try it…”

  • This is perhaps my biggest hate on Instagram. 
  • Guinea pigs can technically swim, but they really shouldn’t be put in a position that they have to. Much like a baby human.
  • A swimming Guinea Pig is a Guinea Pig trying to save its life.
  • The circular swimming you see isn’t cute laps, it’s the Guinea pig trying to escape.
  • The climbing in and out onto objects isn’t fun it’s desperation.
  • Guinea Pigs lack the webbed feet of animals that should be swimming. They are not capybaras. Capybaras are related to Guinea Pigs, monkeys are related to humans but I clearly forgot to grow a tail…
  • Not only is there an obvious risk of drowning but also the risk of shock and that water will get into their airways, eyes, ears, etc etc etc and cause infections.
  • Double horror points for putting them in chemically treated pools or salt water. Why would you?
  • A fish will flaps its fins on land but nobody films it for cuteness…
Can Guinea Pigs Swim?
Can Guinea Pigs Swim?

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