Firework Safety for Guinea Pigs

Happy Independence Day USA,  now for some friendly words from your favourite English piggies.. 

Whilst the negative effects of fireworks on our cats and dogs is well publicised I urge you not to forget your smaller furry pets. 

Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small fluffers share the sensitive hearing of the larger fluffers but unlike the majority of cats and dogs many will not have the luxury of being allowed inside.

Firework safety for small inside pets.

  • Close/lock windows and doors.
  • Close curtains.
  • Extra hay bedding provides sound proofing, comfort and a place to hide. 
  • Consider covering part of the caging to create a secure environment.
  • Gentle background tv or radio may help reassure pets if they are used to hearing them. 
  • As tempting as it may be to get your small pets out to comfort them, this dramatically diminishes their choices in dealing with the situation and they could pick up your own anxiety in your voice. They will almost certainly feel safer and more comfortable with access to their usual cage facilities.

Firework safety for small outside pets.

  • Most importantly: if there is any opportunity to bring their hutches/caging inside please do so. A shed or car-free garage is always preferable to a garden or yard.
  • If this is not possible consider turning the enclosure so that it faces a wall, this will block out environmental intrusions. 
  • Similarly a thick blanket can work well to block out both the sight and sound of fireworks. You must however always ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Extra hay bedding provides sound proofing, comfort and a place to hide. 

Have fun and stay safe.


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