Squidgypigs Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper.

Haypigs Wheek Wagon Review
Haypigs Wheek Wagon Review

What is a Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper ? 

  • A Guinea Pig circus themed hay / grass feeder.
  • Movable.
  • Made from pet friendly wood and paint. 

What can my Guinea Pig do with it?:

  • Eat hay/grass from it.
  • Eat a treat from it.
  • Push it around.
  • Chew it.

Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Testers
Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Testers

Where can I buy a Haypigs Wheek Wagon? 

Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Hayrack
Haypigs! Wheek Wagon Hayrack


  • Brimming over with turn of the century circus chic the Haypigs! Wheek Wagon is a marvellously stylish bit of kit.
  • I was initially slightly concerned that the Squidgypigs may knock the Wheek Wagon over in a hay induced ‘hangry’ fury…
  • However, the Wheek Wagon is actually deceptively sturdy. No Squidgypigs have come close to knocking it over, I believe the fact it moves helps. The Haypigs! site contains the following:

Can my pigs tip the wagon over?
We’re pretty sure not, it has been designed not to. Certainly our resident HayPigs® have never managed it!

Can my guinea pigs climb inside the wagon? No, this is just a feeder, not a mode of transport! The wagon has a lid on to stop them doing this and keep them safe.


  • The lid of the Wheek Wagon is easy (for a human) to access and contains the hay well; even whilst over stuffed with hay (see pic). 
  • The snug fitting lid also prevents anypig from making an attempt to fit into the Wheek Wagon. 
  • I really like that the Wheek Wagon is accessible from both sides, so can be used by multiple Pigs at once. 


  • The  Haypigs! Wheek Wagon is obviously a very cool hay feeder.
  • Eldest daughter Squidgygirl loves the design of the Haypigs! range and looks forward to refilling the Wheek Wagon. I think a Wheek Wagon would be a great way of promoting to young folk the importance of Guinea Pigs eating hay.
  • If you like this Haypigs! Product why not check out their other Guinea Pig goodies HERE!

Please note: the lovely folk at Haypigs! sent us this Wheek Wagon to review, to find out more about Haypigs! visit their site at: www.haypigs.com


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