So I thought it was about time I updated you on the various happenings in Squidgypigland.


It was an interesting night...
It was an interesting night…

  • We had a rather dramatic night about a month ago when I fell over whilst inside the main girlyherd’s cage.
  • I cut my hand and badly bruised my ankle.
  • Got up fixed the cage and went to tidy myself up and settle a rather worried Squidgygirl.
  • I had forgot to count the piggies.
  • I returned to find Doughnut and Zelah missing.
  • After searching everywhere to my horror I found them…
  • Sat in the boys’ cage eating their hay.
  • We are hoping that they weren’t in season and are not pregnant but obviously will provide the best care for them if it does seem likely! 

Retirement for Blondie and Football:

  • About two weeks ago I noticed that our precious golden olden Blondie was losing weight despite appearing to eating well.
  • Investigations found no cause for this loss.
  • However upon closer inspection of herd dynamics at meal times; I discovered that she was getting pushed out by the younger, stronger girls.
  • I decided to separate both Blondie and her lifelong companion Football into their own retirement home. 
  • They are now thriving and have regained all weight lost.

New Rescues:


  • Just over a week ago I was contacted by somebody who couldn’t keep their large herd of piggies.
  • We agreed to go sort makes from females and maybe take home a girl or two.
  • We came home with all their sows; a mum and two of her babies.
  • They are all on pregnancy watch due to having lived with boars.

Princess Dolly-Bubbles:

Princess Dolly-Bubbles
Princess Dolly-Bubbles
  • Princess Dolly-Bubbles is the mum pig that we rescued.
  • She is the first Squidgypig with fuzzy fur, we imagine she has some Teddy, Rex or Swiss heritage.
  • She’s very nervous and largely scared of humans. I’ve actually never seen such a scared pig.
  • She lost a small litter of premature babies just after she arrived here. This is often a risk of back-to-back breeding. It was sad but perhaps best for Dolly-Bubbles I long term since she has only just finished feeding a litter.
  • Since being introduced to the large Girly Fluff herd she has been much calmer and will now tolerate human company.

Lady Chicken-Glitter:

Lady Chicken-Glitter
Lady Chicken-Glitter

  • Lady Chicken-Glitter is Dolly-Bubbles’ baby daughter.
  • She doesn’t seem very old, perhaps 12 weeks old. 
  • She is also scared of humans but is settling into the Girly Fluff herd really well.

Yum Yum:

Yum Yum
Yum Yum
  • Yum Yum is Dolly-Bubbles’ other daughter and is the same age as Chicken-Glitter.
  • She is the least scared of humans and although very jumpy; tolerates being handled quite well.

All new girls are now settling in well to the Girly Fluff herd:

All hail Queen Bagel-Baby?:

Bagel-Baby Bagel-Baby

  • Something I didn’t see coming was Princess Bagel-Baby’s promotion to dominant pig of the Girly-Fluff herd.
  • It seems in Blondie’s absence and with the new girls arriving, a new Queen has made herself known.

So our current herd status is:

The Girly Fluff Herd:

  • Princess Bagel-Baby
  • Doughnut
  • Marilyn
  • Britney
  • Rhona 
  • Ethel-Seal
  • Peppa-Pea 
  • Miley
  • Morag
  • Zelah
  • Princess Dolly-Bubbles
  • Lady Chicken-Glitter
  • Yum Yum

Retirement Corner:

  • Blondie
  • Football

The Boys:

  • Slincypig 
  • Tabby

Chaotic but fabulous.


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