Kavee Cage Prestige Loft Review

Today we are reviewing Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Guinea Pig Cage.


What is a Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage?:

  • A C&C style Guinea Pig cage.
  • 2×4 grid (10.5sq foot).
  • Includes Precut Correx.
  • 1×2 loft and slope.
  • Expertly precut locking slots.
  • Rounded correx corners to prevent injury. 
  • Silver, blue or red correx option.

Precision cut pieces, ready to slot together.
Precision cut pieces, ready to slot together.

What extra options do I have with a Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage?:

  • Optional lid (5kg weight limit, can deter cats etc).
  • Optional stand (makes it easier to clean).
  • Choice of Correx colour (red, blue or silver). 
  • Dimensions: 1.40 x 0.70 x 0.35 m without stand or 1.40 x 0.70 x 0.70 m with stand.
Kavee cage Options
Kavee cage Options

Where can I buy a Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage?:


Well packaged.
Well packaged.

  • The first thing I noticed about this cage is the sheer level of organisation, I have never seen a Guinea Pig cage packaged quite so superbly as the Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage.
  • This precision extends to the design of the Correx cage liner.
  • The precut sheets have a “locking slot” mechanism that is quite honestly simple yet brilliant and puts it in a different league to other C&C cages.
  • Easy to build.
    Easy to build.
  • It’s nice to see that Kavee have even curved the design to diminish sharp edges and prevent injuries.
  • Because of the unique Kavee lock and slot design; the cage is easy to slot together and within half an hour I had built the entire cage complete with loft! 
  • I did have a little help from Squidgybaby!
  • Squidgybaby.
  • At 10.5sq foot the Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage is spacious enough for a pair or even a well bonded trio of piggies to live happily… or of course a very spoilt solitary pig.
  • Spacious.
  • The Correx loft is as well formed and precision cut as the Correx base. 
  • It was nice to see the ramp included in the design and because the loft is designed to be situated lower than most C&C designs Slincypig had absolutely no problem climbing up it to visit the loft.
  • up, up, up.
    up, up, up.

“Guinea pigs are no climbers! Their fragile backs can get seriously injured when attempting to climb a steep ramp. That’s why Kavee’s cage ramps are designed to be fixed at mid-height of your C&C cage.”

-Kavee Cages

  •  With a choice of red, blue or silver Correx there is also a colour for everyone . I really like the versatility of the silver.
  • Overall the Kavee Cages’ Prestige Loft Cage is safe, sturdy and superbly designed. 


  • By far the best C&C cage I’ve ever seen
Kavee Cages Review
Kavee Cages Review

Please note: Kavee Cages sent us this Prestige Loft cage to review, if you would like to know more about Kavee Cages you can visit their site here.


4 thoughts on “Kavee Cage Prestige Loft Review

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  1. It looks like the grids have 8 holes in it. I see grids with 9 holes everywhere. And how can a Guinea pig climb the ramp. Do you have a video of it. Also the coroplast base has a very low edge. You say they are no climbers but they actually can just overstep the loft base. This is a very dangerous cage. They can even chew all coroplastic with those low edge.

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