Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Tunnel Review

Today we are reviewing the Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Tunnel.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

What is a SnuggleSafe Bunny Warren?:

  • A polyethylene tunnel for small animals.
  • Bendy.
  • Extendable.
  • Waterproof.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

Who are Snugglesafe?:


  • A British company based in Sussex.
  • Producing;

“A range of unique and innovative products for pets and their human companions.”


What can my Guinea Pig do with a Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Tunnel?:

  • Run through it.
  • Hide in it.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

Where can I buy a Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Tunnel?:


  • We have recently extended our outside piggy run and wanted to add some tunnels for the Squidgypigs to enjoy.
  • Guinea Pigs love tunnels. Energetic ones love running through them, nervous ones love hiding in them. Some piggies like to eat in tunnels, others like to poop in them. I’ve never met a Guinea Pig that didn’t enjoy tunnels; however, it’s surprisingly hard to find a tunnel that is bigger than a foot long and waterproofed enough to leave outside in our new run.
  • The Snugglesafe Bunny Warren meets both of these requirements with ease.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren

  • The Snugglesafe Bunny Warren has a diameter of 20cm. There is a smaller ‘Guinea Pig’ size tunnel available, however I chose the Bunny version because not only are some of our pigs a little ’round’ but we have a number of pigs with visual impairments and I wanted them to be able to pass each other in the tunnel rather than have to turn back scared because someone else was in the tunnel. The Bunny Warren allowed this with ease. Large Guinea Pigs are able to pass each other and even turn around in the Bunny Warren.

Passing room.

  • Because of it’s corrugated design; the Snugglesafe Bunny Warren can be expanded to 76cm long. That’s long enough to fit a number of Guinea Pigs or nearly an entire 4 year old…

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

  • The corrugated design also enables the Bunny Warren to be bent into a variety of curvy shapes from a ‘C’ to an ‘S’ and any variation in between.

Slincypig in his Snugglesafe Bunny Warren.

  • The resulting tunnels are great fun for both Guinea Pigs and humans adding interest and boredom busting fun to a run or cage.

Squidgypigs - Snugglesafe Bunny Warren.

  • Another useful feature of the Bunny Warrens is their ability to join together for extra long tunnel fun. By simple twisting the ends of two separate tunnels together you can extend the tunnel size. Full instructions are included in the packaging and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this was to do.
  • If you would like to branch a Bunny Warren into multiple pathways there is even a Snugglesafe ‘Interchange kit’ which looks great fun.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Interchange Kit

  • The Squidgypigs were immediately drawn to the tunnels, some choosing to hang out inside whilst others enjoyed running through the Bunny Warrens.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

  • The Snugglesafe Bunny Warren is made from polyethylene which makes it waterproof and safe to be left set up in a run.

Snugglesafe Bunny Warren Review

  • None of the Squidgypigs are chewers but since Polyethylene is used for drinking bottles, it should be pretty safe should your pig choose to have a bite (you should of course remove the tunnel IF your Guinea Pigs did majorly damage it).

Pig poo

  • Some of the Squidgypigs seemed to delight in using the Bunny Warren as a toilet. I found the best way to clean the tunnel is to flatten the internal corrugations buy extending the tunnel fully, then giving the interior a quick blast of a hosepipe. I then usually leave the tunnels outside to drip dry.



  • The Snugglesafe Bunny Warren is a superbly well designed tunnel that The Squidgypigs thoroughly enjoy playing with.
  • Generously sized and easily extended, the Bunny Warren is a great addition to your Guinea Pig’s run or cage.


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