LovePigStudios Tunnel Review

Today we are reviewing LovePigStudio’s Tunnel.

Image from LovePigStudios

What is a LovePigStudio’s Tunnel?:

  • A play tunnel for Guinea Pigs or other small animals.
  • Unique convertible design transforms into a potty/lap pad.
  • 5 inches high.
  • 9 inches long.
  • Made in Canada.


What can my Guinea Pig do with the LovePigStudio Tunnel?

As a tunnel:

  • Run through it.
  • Sleep in it.
  • Hide in it.
  • Eat in it.

As a potty pad:

  • Sit and eat on it.
  • Sleep on it.
  • Be cuddled on your lap on it.
  • Use it as an open tunnel.
  • Poop on it of course 😉.

Open tunnel hidey.

Where can I buy a LovePigStudios Tunnel?:

Who are Love Pig Studios?:

  • LovePigStudios was created by designer and seamstress Lori Pajot after the experience of adopting a senior Guinea Pig changed her and her family’s life.
  • I design and create pet bedding to look beautiful in your home, and save you money with these washable fleece creations” –Lori Pajot LovePigStudios

  • Ecologically minded; Lori uses some recycled materials in her designs (denim etc) and a percentage of every sale goes to charity.



  • I absolutely love the fact that the LovePigStudios Tunnel is convertible. I haven’t yet seen that with another pig bed and it’s a lovely idea that is well executed.

Squidgypigs reviews

  • Guinea Pigs really love tunnels and as with anything else they love they usually end up pooping on/in it.
  • Being able to open the Tunnel up to dust off stubborn poop is a great addition to a Tunnel design.
  • The Tunnel is held together with two discreet pieces of velcro producing s sturdy tunnel that stays in shape even when the largest of Squidgypigs squidge through it.

LovePigStudios Review Squidgypigs

  • Open as a potty pad; the convertible Tunnel is strong, waterproof, and comfy for your Guinea Pigs.
  • The generous dimensions mean that the pad can fit multiple pigs on it allowing them to pile and flop in comfort.
  • Lori mentions in her shop that she designs with the intention that the item should “look beautiful” in your home and it has to be noted that with its navy and cream stripes the LovePigStudios Tunnel does indeed look rather stylish.



  • The clever convertible design makes the LovePigStudios Tunnel a great looking, versatile addition to your Guinea Pig bed collection.

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