Rosewood Golden Gift Box Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Golden Gift Box.

Rosewood Naturals Golden Gift Box

What is a Rosewood Golden Gift Box?

  • A parchment cube.
  • Covered with golden marigold petals.
  • Topped with coconut snow.
  • Filled with dried apple, herbs and hay.
  • 4 star shaped windows.
  • 6 sides to chew.
  • Available in several sizes.

Rosewood Naturals Golden Gift Box

What can my Guinea Pigs do with it?:

  • Pull the hay and herbs through the holes.
  • Eat the hay and herbs.
  • Chew the parchment cube.

Where can I buy a Rosewood Golden Gift Box?

  • Amazon.
  • Online stores such as VetUK etc
  • Any good independent pet shop.
  • Some garden centres (eg. Range).

Rosewood Golden Gift Box

How much does a Rosewood Golden Gift Box cost?:

  • They seem to vary in price from £3.99 to £5.99.


  • Similarly to the perennial Rosewood I Love Hay Cube the Rosewood Golden Gift Box was incredibly popular with the Squidgypigs.
  • With 5 sides available to munch (when placed on a flat surface) the Rosewood Golden Gift Box works really well for a small (or not so small) herd of Guinea Pigs.
  • Rosewood Naturals Golden Gift Box
  • The internal hay and herbs were very green and clean and appetising and the Squidgypigs were very eager to pull it out and eat it.
  • Rosewood Naturals Golden Gift Box
  • The marigold and coconut covered parchment is sturdy and looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Rosewood Golden Gift Box
  • I don’t think the coconut is quite as popular with Guinea Pigs as Rosewood’s carrot covered items but still attracted a big herd of Squidgypigs.
  • After the hay has been eaten the parchment cube makes a great chew toy. This is great because Guinea Pigs have teeth that do not stop growing.
  • As with any toy I wouldn’t leave the Squidgypigs unsupervised with the Golden Gift Box but it seems a safe and sturdy toy.
  • Because it is made from natural materials any left overs (if there are any-we don’t usually get left with any to be honest…) can be placed in your compost heap, making it an ecologically friendly toy option.

Rosewood Golden Gift Box


  • The Rosewood Golden Gift Box looks great and Guinea Pigs appear to adore it!
  • An absolutely lovely option for festive toys.

Rosewood Golden Gift Box

Please Note: The awesome people at Rosewood sent us this Golden Gift Box to review, if you would like to know more about Rosewood please visit:


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