Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage.

Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage

What is a Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage?:

  • Edible parchment hut covered in green hay.
  • Covered in coconut ‘snow’.
  • Available in different sizes.

Rosewood Wintery Hay Hut

What can my Guinea Pig do with a Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage?:

  • Hide in the cottage.
  • Climb on the cottage.
  • Eat the hay.
  • Nibble the coconut.
  • Chew up the parchment hut.

Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage

But can Guinea Pigs eat Coconut?:

  • Coconut is not toxic to Guinea Pigs and will not harm them.
  • Coconut oil can be beneficial to Guinea Pigs with dry skin and is specifically used to condition Skinny Pig’s skin because it will not hurt any piggies that choose to lick it off (skinny pigs are a breed of hairless Guinea Pigs).
  • Rosewood Wintery Hut
  • Coconut is however high in fat so it is best kept as a treat as part of a toy like this.
  • It’s very unlikely that your Guinea Pig is going to binge-eat the coconut snow but as with any toy supervision is encouraged.

  • The Squidgypigs were largely more interested in the hay walls.

Where can I buy a Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage?:

  • Amazon
  • Online stores such as Fetch etc.
  • All good independent pet shops.
  • Some garden centres.

Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage


  • The Rosewood Carrot Cottage is one of the Squidgypigs’ all time favourite pig toys so I was excited to see what they thought of the Rosewood Winter Cottage .
  • The Squidgypigs were all initially attracted to the hay on the sides of the cottage, they loved gnawing strips off the walls and munching them.
  • Guinea Pigs’ teeth grow continually throughout their lives so it is essential that they have access to chew toys and suitable foods that help to keep teeth healthy. The Rosewood Winter Cottage is great at encouraging reluctant gnawers to chew.
  • If your pigs can resist eating the entire cottage in a day the Rosewood Wintery Cottage makes a nice hidey hut to sit in or climb on.
  • Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage


  • The Rosewood Winter Cottage works really well as a hidey hut, food treat and gnaw toy.
  • If your Guinea Pigs enjoys carrot cottages the Winter Cottage will make a nice festive treat.

Please Note: The awesome people at Rosewood sent us this cottage to review, if you’d like to know more about Rosewood or any of their products please visit their website at:


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