Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Sunday Lunch Guinea Pig Review 

Today the Squidgypigs are delighted to be reviewing Binky and Wheeks  Sunday Lunch.

Lazy like Sunday Morning...
Lazy like Sunday Morning…

What is Binky and Wheeks Sunday Lunch?:

  • Expertly dehydrated carrot, parsnip, sweet potato and cabbage.
  • Sunday Lunch for Guinea Pigs.

What can my Guinea Pigs do with Binky and Wheeks Sunday Lunch?

  • Eat it.
  • Find it hidden in hay etc.
  • Play with it in a feeder etc.

Where can I buy Binky and Wheeks Sunday Lunch?:


  • £4.10 for 60g


  • Ingredients: parsnip, carrot, sweet potato and cabbage.
  • As far as sugar content goes Binky and Wheeks comments:

This is easier to eat than wood and is not as high in sugar as a fruity mix, so is ideal for pets who like a treat but who are watching thier waistline.

Binky and Wheeks 

  • The wonderful Binky and Wheeks ziploc bag will keep your Sunday Lunch in good condition whilst you feed this mix as an occasional treat.

I love Binky and Wheeks' bags!
I love Binky and Wheeks’ bags!


  • So…Binky and Wheeks Fruit Salad smells of fruit salad and their McGregor’s Garden smells just like a garden, so, why am I so surprised that Binky and Wheeks Sunday Lunch smells JUST like err… Sunday Lunch! 
  • It REALLY does.
  • The aroma is delicious and I challenge you not to think of a full roast dinner with all the trimmings. 
  • As well as being aesthetically diverse I love that there are so many different textures in this mix, this variety will help keep your Guinea Pigs ever growing teeth down. This is especially important in elderly pigs who may have dental complications (sorry Blondie im looking at you…).
  • The mix was readily munched by the Squidgypigs and although the carrot was a particular favourite each piece was enjoyed.


  • This is a fun and novel themed treat mix with real appeal to both Guinea Pigs and owners. 
  • It will make you crave Sunday Lunch tho.

Please note: Binky and Wheeks sent the Squidgypigs these treats to test and review. You can find out more about Binky and Wheeks at their site: www.binkyandwheeks.com 


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