Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands Guinea Pig Review

Today we are reviewing Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands. 

Morag and her Willowherb Wands
Morag and her Willowherb Wands

What are Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands?:

  • Short lengths of Willowherb.

What can you do with Willowherb Wands?

  • Give them to your Guinea Pigs to keep their ever growing teeth short.
  • Give them to your Guinea Pigs to throw around (this is really a bunny thing but certain pigs have destructive tendencies…don’t they Rhona?)
  • You could make fruity/veg kebabs for them…
Willowherb Wand Fruity Kebab
Willowherb Wand Fruity Kebab
  • Or even tie them into a bunch as a lovely boredom breaking toy.


Willowherb is a beautiful plant, and has been used for centuries to ensure digestive health. It is light and easy to eat, so ideal for animals with dental issues who may struggle with Willow or Hawthorn. This will disappear quickly!”

Binky and Wheeks.

Where can I buy Willow Herb Wands:

Miley was immediately interested in the Willowherb Wands
Miley was immediately interested in the Willowherb Wands


  • £4.15 for 60g


  • I’ve never heard of Willowherb before so these Wands were a wonderful introduction to what seems to be a rather special plant.
  • These Wands were easy for even the smallest of piggy mouths (Ethel-Seal) which is nice because not all piggies can handle large Willow products aimed at bunnies. 
  • I’m not going to lie; initially at least your piggies probably aren’t going to go over-the-top wild for these Wands alone. However once left for them to enjoy alone for a while they seemed to be endless source of amusement to the Squidgypigs and indeed deemed rather scrummy.
  • They are of course absolutely brilliant as edible kebab sticks. 
  • Because they are light you get a very good quantity for 60g and of course they arrive in the fab Binky and Wheeks resealable bag.


  • As a wonderful boredom breaker as well as a snack these rather unassuming Wands are an essential addition to any Binky and Wheeks order.
  • You really have to make Fruity Willowherb Kebabs; your piggies will thank you.

Binky and Wheeks were kind enough to send us these treats to test and review. If you would like to know more about Binky and Wheeks please visit their site at www.binkyandwheeks.com


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