Squidgypigs Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food Review

Today the Squidgypigs are lucky enough to be reviewing Rosewood Meadow Menu for Guinea Pigs.

Meadow Menu - Image from Rosewoodpet.com
Meadow Menu – Image from Rosewoodpet.com

What is Rosewood Meadow Menu?:

  • Meadow Menu is a balanced complementary diet for Guinea Pigs.
  • It is 100% free from grains.
  • It is 100% vegetarian.
  • And made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • It is cold pressed into a special quad shape to retain nutrients and help prevent selective feeding.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2kg and 9kg

Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Review
Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Review

Where can I buy Rosewood Meadow Menu for Guinea Pigs?:

Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Review
Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Review


  • Ingredients: Meadow grasses and herbs (including timothy grass, foxtail grass, oatgrass, orchard grass, downy alpine oatgrass, smooth meadow grass, red clover, sweet vernal grass, velvet grass, golden oatgrass, common vetch, black medic, dandelion, ribwort, cowslip, marguerite, daisy, great burnet-saxifrage, hedge bedstraw, parsnip, sorrel, germander speedwell, common mouse-ear, perennial ryegrass, soft brome, tufted vetch, bush vetch, three-toothed orchid, wild beaked parsley) 70.5%, parsley 5.6%, carrot cubes 5.1%, pea flakes 4.1%, broad bean flakes 3%, parsnip cubes 2.4%, linseed 2.4%, black cumin 1%, fennel seed 0.8%, nettle leaves 0.7%, melissa 0.6%, rape seed oil 0.6%, dandelion 0.6%, rosemary 0.5%, yucca 0.5%, apple 0.4%, peppermint 0.4%, chamomile blossoms 0.3%, lovage 0.3%, beetroot 0.2%.
  • You will notice that many of the ingredient are high in vitamin C which is brilliant since Guinea Pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C.
  • The fibre rich quality of Rosewood Meadow Menu is perfect for Guinea Pigs because as fibrevores they require a fibre based diet to ensure their body works well.
  • Rosewood writes:

As well as the Natural’s brand food being high in fibre with correct levels of protein the rich variety of meadow plants and grasses also means your guinea pig gets a wide range of natural and beneficial phytonutrients such as flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins.
Meadow Menu also contains parsnip which is source of inulin, a natural prebiotic, which feeds and encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and yucca which can reduce odour by reducing levels of ammonia in your pet’s urine.


  • Rosewood Meadow Menu contains no alfalfa. Alfalfa is somewhat of a derisive issue in the Guinea Pig food world, with many nutritionists claiming it simply contains too much protein, fat, calcium and sugar for adult Guinea Pigs who are not pregnant or nursing. It is the Guinea Pig equivalent of eating steak and thick milkshake every meal. Adult for Guinea Pigs is classed as over 6 months.

The Squidgypigs LOVE Meadow Menu
The Squidgypigs LOVE Meadow Menu


  • Natural ingredients are really BIG at the moment in the world of small pets, and rightfully so. It’s lovely to see a big brand like Rosewood producing a food like this. 
  • Meadow Menu has a wonderful wholesome smell, Rosewood say it contains 40 different grasses, plants and vegetables and you can tell. 
Rosewood Meadow Menu for Guinea Pigs
Rosewood Meadow Menu for Guinea Pigs
  • You get a very fair amount for 2kg and the quad shape is easily munched by the biggest (Morag) and smallest (Ethel-Seal) of mouths.
  • Meadow Menu - The distinctive quad shape
    Meadow Menu – The distinctive quad shape
  • I love that the ingredients are so very natural and the focus on fibre is reassuring for fussier Guinea Pigs (Ethel-Seal again…).
  • Meadow Menu Feeding Advice
    Meadow Menu Feeding Advice
  • The box includes clear feeding guidelines. I did somehow manage to split the internal bag quite badly so that maybe something to go careful of. The surrounding Squidgypigs were quite eager to help me clean up tho…
  • Like all other Guinea Pigs The Squidgypigs can be reluctant to a change in pelleted food but I was delighted that when transitioning from their usual pellets to the Meadow Menu they actually chose to eat the Meadow Menu in preference. Result.


  • Rosewood Meadow Menu is an absolute gem of a Guinea Pig food. 
  • Nutritionally sound, naturally high in vitamin C, with no alfalfa and a dental-friendly shape Rosewood Meadow Menu has to be the go to for a premium Guinea Pig diet. 
  • Excellent.

Please note: Rosewood sent us their Meadow Menu to test and review. To find out more about Rosewood please visit their website at: www.rosewoodpet.com


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