Today the lucky Squidgypigs are reviewing Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather.

What is Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?

  • Apple, sweet potato and carrot.
  • Deseeded, pulped, then dried in sheets.
  • Sold in small treatsize squares.

What can I do with Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?

  • Feed it to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Hide it for your Guinea Pigs to find.
  • Use it to make Fruity Kebabs.

Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather - Slincypig's latest naughty treat .
Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather – Slincypig’s latest naughty treat .

Where can I buy Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?


  • All the ingredients are high in natural sugar so this is obviously best fed sparingly as a treat.
  • Binky and Wheeks states:

To try and make it a little healthier, we added a little sweet potato and carrot to the apples, but not enough so that your little one will know! The ratio of apples to sweet potato and carrot is 5:1:1.

Binky and Wheeks 

  • It does have the benefit of all the vitamins from all three ingredients and fibre from the apple skins, so not all naughty. 

£3.90 for 40g

Om nom nom nom nom Fruit Leather
Om nom nom nom nom Fruit Leather


  • I’ve never seen Fruit Leather marketed towards pets before so was excited to try this with our resident principle taster Slincypig.
  • The Fruit Leather is dry and smooth and not at all sticky like I imagined it may have been.
  • The only aroma was a very soft, pleasant fruity sweetness.
  • Slincypig was eager to try the Fruit Leather and seemed to really enjoy his fruity snack.
  • Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather is in a deceptively small bag, you actually get a very large amount for your £3.90 which will last you quite a while.
  • Slincypig is somewhat demonstrative in his dislike of having his nails clipped and I’m not ashamed to say I have recently used Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather as a bribe.
  • This could be a fantastic ‘getting to know you’ bribe for new pets.


  • Naughty but very nice.

Please note: Binky and Wheeks were lovely enough to send us this Fruit Leather to review. If you would like to know more about Binky and Wheeks please visit their website at