Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather

Today the lucky Squidgypigs are reviewing Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather.

What is Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?

  • Apple, sweet potato and carrot.
  • Deseeded, pulped, then dried in sheets.
  • Sold in small treatsize squares.

What can I do with Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?

  • Feed it to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Hide it for your Guinea Pigs to find.
  • Use it to make Fruity Kebabs.

Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather - Slincypig's latest naughty treat .
Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather – Slincypig’s latest naughty treat .

Where can I buy Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather?



  • All the ingredients are high in natural sugar so this is obviously best fed sparingly as a treat.
  • Binky and Wheeks states:

To try and make it a little healthier, we added a little sweet potato and carrot to the apples, but not enough so that your little one will know! The ratio of apples to sweet potato and carrot is 5:1:1.

Binky and Wheeks 

  • It does have the benefit of all the vitamins from all three ingredients and fibre from the apple skins, so not all naughty. 

£3.90 for 40g

Om nom nom nom nom Fruit Leather
Om nom nom nom nom Fruit Leather


  • I’ve never seen Fruit Leather marketed towards pets before so was excited to try this with our resident principle taster Slincypig.
  • The Fruit Leather is dry and smooth and not at all sticky like I imagined it may have been.
  • The only aroma was a very soft, pleasant fruity sweetness.
  • Slincypig was eager to try the Fruit Leather and seemed to really enjoy his fruity snack.
  • Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather is in a deceptively small bag, you actually get a very large amount for your £3.90 which will last you quite a while.
  • Slincypig is somewhat demonstrative in his dislike of having his nails clipped and I’m not ashamed to say I have recently used Binky and Wheeks Fruit Leather as a bribe.
  • This could be a fantastic ‘getting to know you’ bribe for new pets.


  • Naughty but very nice.

Please note: Binky and Wheeks were lovely enough to send us this Fruit Leather to review. If you would like to know more about Binky and Wheeks please visit their website at www.binkyandwheeks.com


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