Burgess Excel Apple Snacks Review

Today we are reviewing Burgess Excel Apple Snacks.

Burgess Apple Snacks Review

What are Burgess Excel Apple Snacks?:

  • Delicious dried apple slices….
  • …with parsley stalks.
  • 100% natural.

Burgess Apple Snacks Review

What can you do with Burgess Excel Apple Snacks?:

  • Handfeed snacks to your piggies to increase your bond.
  • Hide snacks in hay (try Burgess Feeding Hay with Dandelion and Marigold ) to encourage natural foraging behaviour.
  • Place in a snack bowl.
  • Place on a kebab skewer for extra boredom busting entertainment.

Miley enjoying a handfed Apple Snack.

Who are Burgess?:

  • An independent, family-run British pet product business.
  • One of the UKs leading pet food names.
  • Catering to the top 9 UK pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas and of course Guinea Pigs!

“Starting out as flour millers in the 17th century, the Burgess family moved into producing wholesome animal feeds in the early 1960’s.

Our in-house vet, Dr. Suzanne Moyes uses her nutritional expertise to enable us to nurture happy, healthy pets. We use only the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients for our pet food recipes.”



Where can I buy Burgess Excel Apple Snacks?:

Miley and Doughnut enjoying some Apple Snacks


  • The moment I opened our bag of Burgess Excel Apple Snacks I was met by a delicious fruity aroma.
  • Compared to other dried apple pet products we have reviewed these Burgess Excel Apple Snacks feel a little less dried.
  • This lusher texture causes the apple slices to retain more tarty apple scent, and glorious fruity colours; this combination seems to be very popular with the Squidgypigs.
  • At 99% Apple and 1% Parsley stalk; I have to be honest and say I didn’t expect to see a lot of parsley but this certainly didn’t distract from their deliciousness and I thought the parsley actually added a really nice compliment to the Apple. The proportions worked.

Apple (and parsley) snacks.

  • As delicious little treats Burgess Apple Snacks are a great option for both hand feeding and hiding in hay to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

Foraging fun.

  • I mixed Burgess Apple Sticks and Gnaw Sticks into a tray of Feeding Hay and the Squidgypigs had a wonderful time digging about for their favourite bits.



  • Juicy, fruity and ever so nice for piggies to eat whether as a handheld treat or as a foraging snack.

Please note: Burgess kindly sent us these Apple Snacks. If you would like to know more about Burgess please check out their website at: www.burgesspetcare.com


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