Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat.

Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat

What is a Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat?:

  • A chewable Santa hat.
  • Made from edible Sisal.
  • Sisal comes from a type of agave succulent plant.

What can my Guinea Pig do with the Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat?

  • Chew it.
  • Eat snacks from inside it.
  • Wear it for selfies.

Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat

Where can I buy a Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat?:

  • Amazon
  • Other online retailers such as Feedem .
  • All good independent pet shops.
  • Some good garden centres.

Sisal Santa Hat


  • The Rosewood Cupid and Comet Sisal Santa Hat was one of the real highlights of our Rosewood reviews this year.
  • Particularly for one Squidgypig. Miley. Miley adores these hats.
  • Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat
  • Much like how some cats go mad over catnip whilst others ignore it; Miley has a passionate love of sisal.
  • She rubbed her chin all over it, she nibbled it, she knocked it over and sat on it. This Sisal Santa Hat was hers.
  • It was also rather popular with the other Squidgypigs, when Miley let them have a look at it…
  • As a chew toy the Sisal Santa Hat is great for gnawing and will help keep Guinea Pig’s ever growing rodent teeth in shape.
  • A fun way to play with the Sisal Santa Hat is to hide a favourite treat beneath the hat and watch as your piggies figure out how to topple it and release the treat.
  • Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat
  • The bright red hat is made with pet safe dyes and because Rosewood is committed to using natural materials in their products I know that the Sisal Santa Hat is safe for my Squidgypigs to play with to their heart’s content.


  • The Rosewood Cupid and Comet Sisal Santa Hat is a thoroughly fun product that looks cute in your cages and will be loved by Guinea Pigs as a boredom breaking chew toy.

Rosewood Sisal Santa Hat

Please note: Rosewood sent us this Hat to review. If you would like to know more about this or any other Rosewood product please visit their website at:


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