Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Mr Macgregor’s Garden Guinea Pig Product Review

I’m Today we are reviewing Binky and Wheeks Mr Macgregor’s Garden.


What is it?

  • A selection of dehydrated edible flowers, herbs and radishes.
  • Binky and Wheeks say:

“You may have heard of a certain little rabbit made famous in story books. He loved to break into his neighbour’s old fashioned garden and eat fruit, vegetables and flowers. This mix is everything that your pet would love to get his little paws on from that garden!”

-Binky and Wheeks 

Squidgypigs - Binky and Wheeks Macgregor's Garden
Squidgypigs – Binky and Wheeks Macgregor’s Garden


  • The mix is seasonal so is subjective to change but currently include:
  • Pansies, Nasturtium leaves and flowers, Sage, Rocket, Lemonbalm, Chocolate mint, Rosemary, Chamomile flowers, strawberry leaves, Rose, Lavender or Comfrey and Radish.

Squidgypigs - McGregor's Garden
Squidgypigs – McGregor’s Garden


  • Radish and nasturtium are both particularly high in vitamin C so perfect for Guinea Pigs.


Where can I buy Binky and Wheeks Mr Mcgregor’s Garden?:


  • £4.20 for 40g
Miley loving some Mr Mcgregor's Garden
Miley loving some Mr Mcgregor’s Garden


  • This mix smells and looks like a reasonably posh pot pourri.
  • The Squidgypigs all adored the various different textures, tastes and colours.
  • As with the other Binky and Wheeks mixes they are packaged in brilliant resealable bags which does a good job of keeping the treats in good condition.
  • I loved that Binky and Wheeks added extra radish for even more vitamin C.


  • Binky and Wheeks have done a lovely job of assembling a visually appealing as well as clearly appetising mix.
  • The delicious aroma is lovely for both humans and Guinea Pigs and is especially good for visually impaired pigs like Football and Britney.
  • It’s a truly beautiful mix that your Guinea Pigs will love.

Binky and Wheeks were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs these samples to review; to find out more about Binky and Wheeks check out www.binkyandwheeks.com


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