Today the Squidgypigs are very happy to be reviewing Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix.

Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix review
Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix review

What is Meadow Mix?

  • Dehydrated dandelion, plantain, clover and daisies.
  • Perfect for when you can’t or don’t want to collect your own forage.

What can I do with Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix?

  • Feed it to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Hide it for your Guinea Pig to find (e.g. In hay).
  • Binky and Wheeks say:

“This bag is packed full of plantain, clover and Dandelion, with a sprinkling of daisies just because we love how cute they look! Great for those days when you haven’t got time to collect browse for your pets, this has everything they love from long meadow grass. Dandelions give this a unique scent, and the clover provdes a sweet treat. This is a firm favourite with herbivores. Packed with fibre, and good for digestive health too.”

Binky and Wheeks 


  • All natural ingredients.
  • High fibre, low fat.
  • Dandelion is especially high in vitamin C which is fantastic news for Guinea Pigs.
Britney, Rhona and Zelah munching their Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix
Britney, Rhona and Zelah munching their Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix

Where can I buy Binky and Wheeks Meadow Mix?:


  • £4.20 for 50g

Meadow Mix is such a hit!
Meadow Mix is such a hit!


  • The quality of this mix is exquisite! There are no hay fillers, or low quality ingredients just 100% natural, well formed, expertly selected plant goodness.
  • According to Squidgygirl it:

“smells like hunting for bugs in a big green field in the summer” 

Squidgygirl, aged 4

  • …and clearly it tastes like a dream because the Squidgypigs loved this.
  • I really liked the fact the plants aren’t cut into neat tidy pieces, you get a truly good mix of tangled leaves, flowers and stems, and the plants aren’t dried to oblivion like some mixes you buy. Instead they are recognisable and retain more nutrients.
  • Mixing Meadow Mix with a good quality hay would be a good way of getting reluctant hay feeders to eat. 
Football enjoying Meadow Mix
Football enjoying Meadow Mix


    • This is a top quality mix unique to Binky and Wheeks that your Guinea Pigs will adore.

    Please note: Binky and Wheeks sent us these goodies to review, if you’d like to know more about Binky and Wheeks check out their website at: